April 05, 2010

You're just a victim of the circumstance.

The writing club I'm in has finally taken a huge leap towards publishing our work. Sadly, thus far on the wiki page we set up, I'm the only serious contributor. We all have a dedicated page ready to be edited and filled with our various writings. Currently I'm showcasing a short memoir, and two poems, but I want to see and read others'!

This morning I eavesdropped on a conversation in English between three girls and a guy. It made me wonder if my conversations sound so superficial on outsiders listening in. I think if people overheard the ridiculous discussion at lunch today, they would have thought us mad. My friend Garrett said he thought that I will be a goat farmer when I grow up. Yes, a goat farmer. Also I'd apparently acquire a southern accent, (fun fact: Native Floridians do NOT have an accent) whilst being obsessive compulsive about my goats I'll allegedly farm. "White goats here, gray goats there. They must be categorized!" I swear Garrett makes the funniest impressions of me. They are most hilarious because they aren't very accurate and especially today because I was sleep deprived.

Yeah, I need sleep.

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  1. I'm so glad to see there's another active contributor to the wiki page, now. Maybe my complaining sort of paid off? Maybe my good karma after flipping that penny heads side up?

    It's sort of pathetic to be commenting on my own entry, but this one is for posterity's sake.