May 13, 2010

Anything helps.

The social issue art project of mine is done. My issue was homelessness and I did some background research before I started it all only to come across a scary statistic. Florida is ranked third in homelessness, and even scarier, ranked number one in hate crimes against the homeless. The ultimate hate crime I took time to read about, though, was a homeless man in his 20s being burned to death in San Francisco. Literally set on fire. How crazy is that?

One more week and then I am free for summer. Granted, I'll have to come back a few days after next Friday to sit for Cambridge/IGCSE exams, but that should not be too bad. No more dumb HOPE class and no more Spanish class in five days.

So, let the extreme studying (it should be a sport) commence. Speaking of sports, is it weird for my school to be starting a bowling team? Were we just deprived of its awesomeness before and every other high school in the nation has had one? I think the latter...

Have a fun weekend, everyone!


  1. I really like your art project.

  2. What does the writing on the brick wall of your art project say?

    ahhh, jealous that you get out of school in a week. I dont get set free until June 12 :P

  3. Your project looks awesome! You have quite the artistic talent indeed. Being set on fire and burned to death sounds like an absolutely terrible way to go... :/

    One week?! Only one?! I am beyond jealous. We go until June 12th too. Blarghness.

    Our school has a bowling team though, haha...

  4. the project came out great!

    my summer vacation does not start till june 29th i believe. believe it or not, i'm glad. i don't want to be a senior yet, so i'm glad i have more or less a month as a junior. i'm not ready to enter my last year of high school.

    i wish my school had bowling as a team or just an extra curricular. bowling is uber fun.