May 03, 2010

The heat is insane.

Five minutes outside is all it takes to make you sweaty.

As much as I've grown to love analyzing poems, I do not feel like writing out my responses at this moment. Instead I think I will fill a bowl with Ben & Jerry's Cinnamon Buns ice cream and imagine what my oldest brother is taking in on his trip to Peru. He's gone as part of a scholarship through his college. And basically it is a study abroad program with all expenses paid. He visited South Africa last summer under the same conditions. If I had any copies of photos he'd took, I'd probably post them. Alas, I do not.

I got my school yearbook today. I was initially underwhelmed by the boring cover, but it was overall decent. It's better than last year's edition in at least one way -- the font is actually readable. Kudos, yearbook staff.

Also, my newest policy is to link the source of a picture when you click on it. That way it won't interfere as much with what I write beneath the photo (like I used to do with the 'via here.' thing.) I hope that makes sense. Obviously if it just enlarges the photo, it is an original. That said, I may get in the habit of posting more awesome/inspirational photos from or I may not. I aspire to take as fantastic photos as those I come across though.


  1. love your blog, am following you now dear x

  2. I know, it's gazoiling outside :P

    That's so awesome that your brother gets to go to such neat places with all expenses paid! Lucky duck!

    And yeah, there are so many gorgeous pictures on places like weheartit and tumblr and everything, it's impossible not to want to post them, haha. But yay for more original shots too :)

  3. Your brothers trip to Peru is definatley making me jealous, that would be so amazing and such a good experience! ahh!