May 27, 2010

I tried to find the sound.

I've barely made a dent in The Scarlet Letter's lengthy introduction, but after I post this I think I will continue.

I saw this trailer on and it seems like it would be hilarious. What do you think?

I've been trying to enjoy my summer yet I have this very irritating, very hindering, back pain. I think maybe my body is trying to tell me I need to work out more because I am getting fat as Puss in the latest Shrek movie. (Okay, only sort of. But still. Fat. Ugh.) How many of those movies are they going to make? Seriously. Aren't Donkey and Dragon's kids teenagers by now?


  1. O, this trailer is funny! And some famous actors are in it :)

    I'm glad I made your day too!

    Other books I read. Hmm, brainless chicklits most of the time. I like the 'Alex Rider' series too. O, and recently I read 'Catcher in the Rye'. We saw fragments from it in English and so I decided to read it (i guess that makes me a nerd too!). I was surprised by the non-difficult english in it, because you probably know already it's not my mother language!

    Yes, the artwork in the sidebars (yes, i think you used the correct word!) is mine. Do you draw or someting?

    PS: I saw on your profile you like Jack's Mannequin. It's like one of my favourite bands :)

  2. The trailer is HIGHlarious!
    The movie will defiantly be an awesome comedy.

    I love your "The Sweetawesome Friends" side bar! Very cool. Is that your handwriting? If it is, I am jealous.

  3. That movie actually looks pretty hilarious! :D With some rather famous faces too. It should definitely be good! Have fun getting through The Scarlett Letter, and I hope that your back pain gets better soon! I liked the first Shrek movie, the second was okay, but after that it just got kind of annoying...

  4. ha, looks like an interesting movie to see. although i wonder why it's called 'easy a' based on the trailer... o.o

  5. Ja, I do like this trailer! :D
    Oh, that's so ennoying, a hurting back... Hope it will be better soon.

    I also thank you for your reaction on my blog, I appreciate that a lot!

    Yes, Great-Britain is an awesome city, exspecially it's headtown, London is fantastic! (I haven't been there yet, but I've heard it from other peoples and I've already seen a lot of pictures...) :)

    Oh I see Ruth, my classmate, has also been here. You really have to check out her drawings, there so beautiful!

    P.S.: Oh yes, don't mind the way I'm writing in English, I'm not that good in writing English... but I think you understand what I wrote, I hope, otherwise, you have to tell me :D But so, it's also a good way to practise my English ;)

    bye bye,
    love your blog a lot!

    Sophie xxx