May 21, 2010

Let the wild rompus begin!

I am now a junior in high school.
This past -- and last -- quarter has gone by fast.
(I'm a rhyming beast. ahaha.)
I'm done.
School's out.
I'd post my exam scores, but who really cares?
The important thing is that I'm pretty darn sure I passed everything with an A.
Even math!

To everyone still in school: good luck and try to stay focused.
And for now, enjoy your weekend.


  1. I now am extremely resentful of you now until school let's out over here, on a matter of principle X(

  2. Probably because I changed my URL and you have to re-follow me. It's now, only the 's' isn't capitalized :)

    That doesn't sound stupid at all. But do you mean love as a friend, or LOVElove?

  3. You're so lucky you get out so early! a few weeks left for me unfortunately. But yay for surviving another year of high school! That's quite an impressive feat :D

  4. Luck you. Have you made any plans for the summer yet?
    Congrats on those A's. Now, you can carry out your vacation to the fullest.

    I'm glad you like my layout. I try. But you always have awesome headers! And they're your own work, too. You and your blog are fabulous.

  5. good for you, woman! enjoy your summerrrrr

  6. That's an marvellous picture!
    I like your blog so much!

    Greets, Sophie

    Do you want to visit mine to?