May 31, 2010


As you may have saw moments before reading this, I have a new header. Do you like it better than the other beach one? I'm not sure I do. Oh, and to explain the "summer of eligh10ment" part. Well, as I said the other day, I'm trying to read a lot of classic literature this summer vacation and I thought I was being clever when I came up with that phrase since it includes the year, 2010, within it while still meaning that I'm learning. Yeeeeaah. I may have a tad bit too much time on my hands.
I like this dress from Charlotte Russe, but I do not feel inclined to pay $30 for it. If I get more babysitting jobs then maybe I'll change my mind. Maybe.
I found this dress, however, for $6 at Goodwill. I figured I could dress it up, down, with cool jewelry, with a scarf, and so I think it has immense value. I also bought an extensive book on Pablo Picasso for 10 cents. Score.

I re-watched Monsters Vs. Aliens with my family last night. The movie is funnier than it may seem. It's hardly a kids movie since it's packed full with sly references to things only the older generations know about. Seriously, if you haven't seen it yet. Rent it, Netflix it -- whatever. Just see it!

My back feels better. Thanks again to those who wished me well!


  1. Well, the header's nice, but the beach one was freaking awesome. :)

    HAHA. 'Summer of Enligh10ment'! That has to be the cleverest thing, like, ever. Yay for numbers that sound like parts of words!

    My mom gets me the worst stuff from Goodwill. I don't even know why she does. I'm not really a vintage person, you know. And everything she gets is so ugly and ill-fitting...but that's wherever she buys clothes, so, meh.

  2. I quite like the new header, and the enligh10ment part! That's pretty darn clever I must say :D

    I like the dress too, but I say wait in case it goes on sale eventually, cause I dunno if it's worth 30 bucks haha. That's awesome about your Goodwill bargain hunting though, woo!

    I'm glad your back feels better :)

  3. I like the new header. Change is good.

    The dress is gorgeous. I think I like it even more since the top part of it is lace, and I adore lace.

    "summer of eligh10ment" = very clever! You should consider making a list of the books that you'll be reading this vacation, so I (and other followers) can try to join as well. I love to read!

    The GoodWill and I are close friends. I have scored so many cute items from that place.

  4. That dress from Goodwill is quite the find. I agree, with some accessories, it would be pretty and very versatile to wear anywhere.