June 27, 2010

Open arms are prison cells.

The first week of mix tape posting has been awesome! Though words cannot properly express my gratitude, a huge thank you goes to all my lovely contributors and anyone who has followed and/or commented already!

West Side Story was great. I was completely in awe of the elaborate set and the dancing was superb. I wish I had more to say about it but I don't.

I finally finished reading The Scarlet Letter today. In retrospect, it probably should not have been the first book I read this summer. It dragged on the first 15 chapters and thus I got discouraged from reading further for a while. In spite of that, I liked it well enough. I wouldn't, however, be too upset if I don't read the word 'ignominy' again for a while. Just watch; I'll probably be plagued with the phenomenon (alliteration, anyone?) of seeing that word everywhere for the next week or so.
Now I have a little more than half a summer to try and read the other eleven on my list. Wish me luck. I'm about to start The Crucible, a play by Arthur Miller about the Salem Witch trials. When my brother kindly checked it out from the library for me, he manged to pick up probably the oldest, most mangled copy there.
I wish I felt happier. I think I'll try to find solace in my small backyard in the blazing heat. You have no idea how deeply I envy those who live near wondrous forests and fields that are perfect for exploring and taking pictures in.


  1. Oh my God it's so hothothothothot!

    Dude, I totally watched West Side Story like a week ago, and I'm in the process of reading The Scarlett Letter! Coinky-dink.

  2. You look like Saoirse Ronan! I've been trying to think of it for ages!

  3. Ignominy. That's a fun word to say. Probably not a fun word to read a zillion times throughout a book though :P One down, eleven to go! Good luck of course! Oh, and I think you're right, that copy looks like it went through hell and back, hahaha.

  4. Yeah...well...then I assume you saw the actual play?

    Haha, only, like, fifty pages I guess. No, I am not out of my mind...or so I think...

  5. Oh my gosh. I thought libraries retired books before they got that tattered :/

    And kudos to you for reading through The Scarlett Letter. I have to read it for school next term and I'm not too excited about it...

    Good luck with the remaining 11 books! :D

  6. I think the state the Crucible is in adequately describes my feelings for the Scarlet Letter and vice versa...

    But honestly, I hated that book enough to name a psychological disorder after it...