June 19, 2010


I've been working hard to help with our house's "metamorphosis" as my brother likes to call it whilst ironing out the final details for the collab blog. It's been exhausting and rewarding at the same time for both.

Before I forget, if you are a mix tape contributor and have yet to e-mail your bio to me at technicoloreyes.kodachromelies@gmail.com, you need to do so please! By my count that is Heather and Lauren. Please keep in mind that I live on the east coast of the U.S..

Also, does anyone know what happened to Strawberry? It seems as though her blog, Plastic, has been deleted. It's weird. Edit: Disregard; I found her.

Tomorrow I provide the link for mix tape! Get excited.


  1. HAHAHA!

    I'm, like, super-excited about the collab blog. It'll be awesome! I should start planning out my first entry, haha.

  2. I wrote a draft for the first book I'll be posting about! Yay! How is the posting schedule going to go? You might have already mentioned this but I need a memory refresher, haha. But I am definitely excited :)