June 15, 2010

A proposition, part three.

Okay, by now you know my spiel about a collab blog that would cover these various aspects of pop culture throughout the week.

I am very pleased to announce we have enough contributors to begin! Still, we have not reached the ideal number of 14 so please leave a comment below telling me that you're interested and what aspect you'd like to contribute. (Click here for a list of aspects.) Okay, and this is a special plea to any food aficionados. We need you!

These are the lovely contributors:
I believe we have all our bases covered, but if I somehow messed anything up, like saying you'll contribute something different, do point it out. I tried my best to keep it all straight, though.

The title has been decided on. It's mix tape. Awesome, no?

I am completely ecstatic to get this started! The first official entry will be up on this upcoming Monday (June 21st) if all goes as planned. Do not fear, I will be providing the link to it on here the Sunday before (June 20th).

My contributors, however, can get an exclusive sneak peek now! To do so, send me an e-mail at technicoloreyes.kodachromelies@gmail.com with a short bio (less than five sentences please) that I can include in an introductory entry for the blog. Also in that e-mail you can share with me any questions, comments or concerns you may have.

Thank you everyone for making this possible! You're the best! :D


  1. Man, I would follow except I don't have an account and can't get one. I wish a terrible life on whoever cursed me with the bad luck that I have that caused me to have to delete my google account.

  2. I would like to contribute :p
    I'm fine with anything, seeing there is a lot on the list. Seeing as I am majoring in the film world (I see A LOT of movies) that might be ideal. But really I can do anything.

  3. Oh! But if you do need help on food, I can too!

  4. I saw the blog.
    The header and layout is awesome! GO ABS

    I shall shoot you an e-mail :)

  6. I followed this link from Natalie's blog and the collab blog sounds like a great idea!!

    Also, I happen to be a bit of a foodie, so I would love to be a part of the collaboration!

  7. I feel like if I were to get in on this I would just have to go up as "ranting", because that seems to be the only interesting thing I can do...

  8. Actually, I feel like I would like to do this. I'll be history. The cool kind, not the boring kind...at least to me anyways. Myths, legends, etc.

  9. Aww, no HISTORY? but History is funnnn

  10. Yay, so exciting! I'll email you the bio tonight!

  11. Uhhm, if it's not too late, I would be willing to help, if help is needed, with Music.
    I play 3 instruments and sing...
    So, if help is needed, then I would be willing to volunteer.
    If help is needed, then just comment on my blog and let me know, please. :)

  12. -- and, if not, that's fine, too, I do not mind. :)