June 13, 2010

A proposition, part two.

My proposition: I was thinking of starting a collab blog that would cover these various aspects of pop culture
  • music
  • movies/tv
  • books/poetry
  • fashion
  • good news/editorial
  • art
  • food
throughout the week. For example, Monday could be dedicated to posts about music and Friday reserved for anything to do with fashion. Since there's seven days a week, we could have up to seven individual writers contributing with each one an "expert" in their aspect. (To clarify, "expert" in this case means a person who is passionate about that certain aspect and would probably include it into their normal blog entries.)

Then I was thinking that once school picks up again, it may be hard to be writing something every week, so perhaps it might make sense to double that number to 14 so we'd have two "experts" for each aspect, lightening the load and also making for even more diversity. However, at the moment, only these five lovely people said they're interesting in contributing.
Which leads me to ask, are you interested? Please leave a comment below telling me that you are and also please specify which aspect you'd like to contribute.

Oh, I almost forgot. We're still deciding on a title for this collab blog. So please comment with the one you like best or one you've thought up that I can add to the list!
  • mix(ed) tape
  • happy endings
  • runners high
  • the world we live in
  • collective culture commentary
  • the collab blog
I think this could be really awesome!


  1. I vote the last one, and YAY! This is exciting!

  2. I think the most relevant title without being too obvious is Mix(ed) Tape. Hmm, The Collab Blog would be a pretty cool name, too. :D

    You should add food to the list of "various aspects of pop culture." Oh, I was wondering if I may do TV as well?

  3. Hey! I'd love to be involved. Maybe in books/poetry, music, or fashion.

    As for the name, I like the mix tape and the world we live in. Both really good names.

  4. Okay, I think I could narrow it down to either books or movies/tv, whichever one needs more contributors I'd be good with. And I vote for the Mix (or Mixed) Tape :)

    I'm going to see if http://bonjourivyparker.blogspot.com would be interested, cause it seems like she would be.

  5. Collab. Collab. Col-la-lob blog.
    {Sing to the tune of Snape. Snape. Severus Snape.}

    Haha, neither is 'whatevs', and yet I use it anyway! But, alas, no, plastic tacos are not delish. 'Tis sad.

  6. wow, that does sound cool..I always love to review TV and movies..too..and of course, short stories...which I still haven't finished the one I started last month..darn.

  7. Oh..and mixed tape..I always loved'm to make and get from friends..so its got a good feeling to it when you say it.

  8. Great! Can't hardly wait. Oh, and thanks.

  9. i was just pondering the other day about entries for the collab blog and thought that unique entry titles might be a bit overwhelming. since we're covering so many topics, i think it'd be best to 'sort' them via blog titles... perhaps playing off of college courses, like
    ART 101... ART 102...
    progressing the number for each new entry of that type.

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  11. So I was thinking about it and as much as I'd love to participate, I'm not sure if I could post regularly. I'm pretty busy this summer and I have enough trouble updating my own blog on a regular basis. Sorry!

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  13. ack messed up the last post, haha. are we using the same email to log into that account for the blog? because you can just add authors using their own email addresses.

    go to dashboard, then settings, then permissions. then add the authors! ;P

    wasn't sure if you knew about that or not.

  14. I LOVE this idea and would be very interested in collaborating with you! I like to write about fashion, if you still need someone for that area. Let me know!

  15. 1. i fluffed up the blog a bit.
    2. i suggest writing an introductory entry so i can edit the page more if necessary.
    3. i left the option to have the blog description below the title banner--you can change it if you want to.
    4. hurray!

  16. I've consistently proven that I can't blow minds on a schedule...I just have random fits of epiphany....