June 10, 2010

A proposition.

I was thinking of starting a collab blog. It would cover various aspects of pop culture (music, movies, books, fashion, you name it,) throughout the week. For example, Monday could be dedicated to posts about music and Friday reserved for anything to do with fashion. Since there's seven days a week, we could have up to seven individual writers contributing with each one an "expert" in their aspect.

Then I was thinking that once school picks up again, it may be hard to be writing something every week, so perhaps it might make sense to double that number to 14 so we'd have two "experts" for each aspect, lightening the load and also making for even more diversity.

As for the aspects, I was thinking generally these six: movies/television, fashion, music, books, art, and food. Obviously there's more that what I just listed, so, please, don't feel afraid to leave one in the comments!

I first introduced this idea to Abs and Scarlett, the two bloggers I've known the longest, because I thought they'd give me honest feedback. Unfortunately, I overlooked that Scarlett is still in school (hang in there, dear!) so I have yet to hear back from her, though Abs did say she was interested in it.

Which leads me to ask, are you interested? Please send me an e-mail at technicoloreyes.kodachromelies@gmail.com or leave a comment below telling me that you are or if you think someone else would like to that doesn't necessarily follow my blog.

I think this could be really awesome!


  1. ...:D

    I don't really believe that I'm in any way qualified to do this (unless you had a day for all the evils of the world...Depressing Day) but it's a pretty sweet idea. I mean, if I could do something with it, I totally would, I just know there are other bloggers who are way more expert-ish in some of the feilds you listed than I am.

  2. I was too excited to finish reading the post. I just had to comment immediately: I'm in!! I think it is a fabulous idea!

    Okay, I'll go finish reading the entry now. :D

  3. okay. i read the post's entirety.
    definitely sounds like a lot of fun. can't wait!

  4. sorry about the third comment: i'd be able to contribute book info

  5. I have to tell you, that would be freaking awesome :)

  6. I think I'd certainly be interested in participating in that :D Definitely an awesome idea!

    Books, music, or movies/tv I'd be interested in, but like Strawberry, I'm not sure if I'm really an expert at anything, so I dunno which I would be qualified to write about, haha.

  7. i'm not into it myself, but another good topic might be poetry and prose.
    i could share some good artworks, too, that i might find on deviantart which i browse regularly.

  8. and perhaps another good idea might be pertaining to current events. not necessarily news-like material of war and mayhem, but positive stuff like progress on global warming things of that nature. i think it'd be pretty relevant to our generation.

  9. here's some possible blog titles i've found...

    happy endings
    mix tape
    runners high

    mix tape seems most relevant considering we're covering so many topics in the blog, but i like the other ones, too.

  10. Hey I just stumbled upon your blog. & I LURVE it. It is lovely, I would comment something useful but I think most of the area's which I would recommend have been covered so I'll just say, The Collab Blog sounds like a great idea, I'd defo be interested :) xx

  11. What in interesting idea - I hope you find people as passionate about it as you are. It'll be interesting to see how this turns out.

  12. That sounds like it would be awesome!! :)