June 04, 2010


My brother took this picture on his trip to South Africa last summer.
He went as part of a college scholarship.
He was studying abroad there,
and also help build schools, I believe.
There are a thousand more photos that I've tried to sift through.
I'll share the best of them at a later date.


  1. Wow, that's really cool. Your brother must be a good person, building up schools and stuff.

    Yes, I know, exams suck :s, but summer will be great. I don't expect my birthday to be something special, cause my friends are going to be too busy with exams to give me a present (they always give something afterwards), and we have physicsexam that day, so I'm not really looking forward to turning 17.

    You should really read it once. It's actually more for 12-year old boys, but you can always watch the movie 'Stormbreaker'. Alex Rider is played by Alex Pettyfer :)

    And about 'Catcher in the Rye' and your drawing, it's probably somewhere on your blog, so I'm gonna check it out after posting this comment :)

    PS: Yeah, I have bandobsessions too. 2 summers ago I listened to Fall Out Boy all the time and when I hear those songs again, they always make me think of summer :)

    Wow, this is getting an extremely long comment!

    Bye x

  2. a collab blog... i suppose so! i'd be able to contribute movies since i watch them all the time, but not so much anything else. haha. i don't read very much anymore, and i don't follow fashion. xD

  3. That certainly sounds like a once in a lifetime experience for your brother! South Africa, wow. I'd love to go there someday. My friend who used to live there says if they ever go back to visit, she'll take me... so we'll see haha ;) But that would be really neat to see more of the pictures sometime!

  4. He sounds like he's having the adventure of a lifetime. That photo is great!

  5. Woah!
    One of my favorite animals.
    I do enjoy this post.

    Please, feel free to follow my blog,
    I'll be sure to follow yours.


    <3 Alexandra

  6. thats a lovely picture, I can't wait to see more.

    Thanks for your lovely comment. The picture actually was made to go along with the previous days, which was inspired by a flock of birds in the night sky, I saw while visiting my friend at cornell university. Inspiration was taken from Van Gogh, ( I am a huge vangogh fan) and Vista de toledo by El Greco

  7. sounds like a great adventure to be having.

  8. what a gorgeous snap shot
    Rianna xxxxx

  9. hey just wanted to say that I replied to your comment on my blog like on the blog, just in case you thought I wasn't replying hehehe xxx