July 12, 2010

Dead hearts are everywhere.

I'm having a hard time reading The Red Badge of Courage. My mind loves to wander. I've been playing My Spanish Coach (don't ask) for inordinate amounts of time instead. Oh, right. I finished Fahrenheit 451 a week or so ago. Ray Bradbury is a genius.

I can't get my passport any time in the next month because I'd need my dad's signature and he's in Maryland. I'm thinking of taking up the glockenspiel again. I've been playing tennis for at least an hour every night when I'm not making money babysitting. Thank you for apologizing, you-know-who-you-are, and by the way, we should hang out sometime. I want to see Toy Story 3 and Shutter Island. Now imagine if they combined those two movies. Toy Island 3? Shutter Story? Online clothes shopping is turning into a hobby of mine. This is not good for my bank account. I need to save, save, save for Scotland.

I can't believe I start school in less than a month. As if it's any consolation, we go back on a cool date. 8/9/10. That first day, when I have to wake up at 6:00 in the morning, is going to be brutal. Staying up late and sleeping in has become my lifestyle, unhealthy though it may be.

I want an extension of summer.


  1. I want this summer to last forever. :(

  2. Hey guess what, I just gave you an award. You can check it out at my normal blog. Congrats!

  3. Frankly, Shutter island where they're all toys would be absolutely MORTIFYING...

    Although imagine The Most Dangerous Game with all toys...would Rainsford be woody or buzz?

  4. Haha, my mom bought me that book too.

    I think a mix of Shutter Island and Toy Story 3 would be a crazy person trapped in a daycare that thinks toys can talk.

    Haha, I guess a lot of them are just shortish, and others are just story excerpts or something. Hmm, I haven't posted one of those in awhile. Anyway...haha, that's weird considering you've been doing this longer than me, both on Red and on Blogger. Man, I loved Red. Who were you on Red again?

    That's always a good reason to do something, I guess.

    Oh..........maybe. I'll have to check. Haha.
    AND IT DOES! Wow, I feel lame now.

    I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I love everything about it. Technically I have...what...a month and 27 days. But I just want to get everything done, you know? Probably cuz it's so awesome :)
    Wow. Starting school in August must suck, no matter how early you let out.

  5. I KNEW IT! I just forgot, haha. I loved that blog.....I loved all the blogs on Red, but no one was using it anymore and yeah...I'm nostalgic. I saved all the entries, too. I'm SUPER nostalgic.

    Haha, well, if you didn't live in a hurricane hotspot it would suck. Wow, I can't believe I just said 'hurricane hotspot'. But that still sucks......you know what? Never mind.

    Soooooooooo exciiiiiiiiiiiiiited!

  6. yessss i totally recommend seeing shutter island, it's really good. i made my mom watch it the other day and she kept trying to guess what the outcome was but never got it, so i think she was too bummed out to appreciate the ending. haha.

    i need to see toy story 3, tooooo... :L

    red badge of courage... i remember reading that book. it really was difficult to get through. i didn't enjoy it so much. keep on truckin'.