July 19, 2010

Don't you wanna just curve away?

I have exactly three more weeks of summer until I start my junior year of high school. It's crazy.

In other news, I have still yet to finish The Red Badge of Courage. It is by far the least favorite book I've read this summer and that's saying something considering I managed to get through The Scarlet Letter which I gather is generally disliked. However, I have read and enjoyed the play A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry. I thought it had a quiet, powerful quality. It wasn't a book I put down and thought "I want to share this with someone," but it was still an interesting story that I think affected me. I certainly think differently about what money can do to people and how it can also, indirectly or not, ruin their dreams. Now I'm reading Invisible Man and am liking it thus far.

A question before I go. Should I do another vlog? Or is my voice too mellow for you? (I still find that a very odd adjective to describe a voice. When you say that, I feel like I should be a hippie. And I'm not a hippie!)


  1. I love your voice!!

    Oh, goody...that's another book my mom bought me. I'll still read it, but darn...

  2. I'm just not listening to much music nowadays, so nothing comes to mind. Besides, then I can count down to 500 without, you know, forgetting like I did with all the others...

    I totally missed my two-year anniversary. I just realized that. Sadness.

    It's hot EVERYWHERE. The entire freaking country is hot. We're boiling.

    Haha, I actually really like tennis, I'm just not playing it that much. Plus it depresses me that Kim skipped out on me. Haha, isn't tennis fun?

    See, everything would be so much better if we just had our own cars. Unfortunately, I have a little while to go...but your sixteen now, right? Haha, think you'll be getting a car sometime soon?

    I just like the idea of discounts. Especially at Starbucks. I mean, books are nice, but it'd be awesome to sip a strawberry lemonade all day...

    Haha, I love back-to-school shopping...how many times have I said that now? A lot. Today I got another notebook and more pencils, and there was this super cool backpack I found but it was a bit expensive...

    Pssht, I'll probably just get a five-subject notebook for all my classes. I love notebooks so much, though...:)

  3. I love vlogs! And yes, I did make a video! But then nobody could see it so I deleted the post. I'll have to upload it through youtube or something!

  4. Eh, it's okay. It's not super-important to me, except as a "HEY LOOK! LOOK HOW LONG I'VE BEEN BLOGGING!" thing. You know? Of course, I do find it interesting that my first-year anniversary coincided with my 100th post and now, around my two-year anniversary I have almost 500 posts.

    Frig, it's hot.

    :DDDDDDD That's so sweet!!!! Haha, tennis for lovers. See, tennis brings people together! Woo. Are you gonna blog about him?? WHAT'S HE LIKE??

    That's the best birthday ever, and aww. Well, maybe the best birthday ever would be ll/ll/ll, but yours is pretty awesome too. The only thing special about my birthdate is that my mom was born on a 10 and my dad was born on a 15 and I was born on a 25...get it?? 10+15=25! That's how I've remembered my parent's birthdays since the dawn of time.
    Haha....I'm such a young'un...

    No, but it does make you...I dunno, empty? Haha, you see, a lot of Starbucks is overrated, especially for someone who doesn't like coffee (me), but they have this summer drink called strawberry lemonade that I LOVE. Seriously, that is the reason I live in the summer. You're life is sad and empty without it :)

    Haha, I have NOTEBOOKS! NOTEBOOKS!!!!!!!!!!! Now I need pens.


  5. Hahaha...tennis for lovers...hee.
    I know exactly what you mean! But heehee, he sounds pretty awesome :) I hope he asks you out! Or at least keeps in touch a lot when he goes off to college!

    I just wish people didn't automatically discount your opinion when they find out you're young, you know?

    Very well. Haha, pretty much the only good thing there anyway is the strawberry lemonade :)