July 26, 2010

I'm leaving you.

I am taking a short hiatus from the blogging universe.
There is so much I need to accomplish in real life and so little time.
Thus, I will be gone for a week.
Well, a week and a half at most.
But when I get back, you will probably see one more vlog.
(The last one for a while. They are a pain to edit.)
And also a recount of a friend's birthday party/sleepover.
Try not to miss me too much, dears.


  1. :(

    I WILL miss you! But good luck anyway. On your stuff. That you need to acclompish. Haha, I was wondering why you put my name this week on mix tape.

  2. Oh well, stuff needs to get done right? :)

    Looking forward to your return!

  3. We all definitely need a break from blogging once in a while, so no worries! Enjoy your hiatus, and we'll be here waiting for you to return and commence blogging (and vlogging!) once more. :)

  4. Have fun with the space, I'll probably do that too. And one more vlog? Those were quite fun to watch.

  5. You'll be missed, but enjoy your hiatus! I hope you accomplish everything you aim to. :)