July 07, 2010

Harry Potter, the beach and a sleepover all wrapped into one.

I was invited to Puja's sweet 16 beach/sleepover party this past Monday through Tuesday. I wasn't sure what to buy her as a gift and she said she wanted nothing. Thus, I decided to make her something I figured she'd love. The result was a Harry Potter themed box with a dozen Reese's inside: a combination of two things she enjoys dearly.
On Monday, me, Puja, Regina, Patricia and Puja's extended family went to the beach for a couple of hours.
We tried to make a model of "New York" and this was the result. We couldn't even make a skyscraper. Fail.
Then after we got sufficiently sun-burned, back to Puja's house we went where we met up with Aniesa. Chaos ensued. What seemed like hundreds but more like tens of Puja's relatives came over to join in the celebration. We ate chimichangas, spicy Indian food, and cake. We also played Mafia, and watched Puja open her many presents. Including this one.
That's right. She got a car! She was shocked and elated. I'm happy for her and have no reason to be one bit jealous considering I haven't even bothered to acquire my permit yet. Yeah, I should do that soon or I'll be riding the bus forever. Bah, that might happen regardless. Gas money is quite expensive.

Then the aunts, uncles, cousins and other assorted relatives left and the sleepover truly began. We talked, but not in a gossip-y way that is always portrayed in the movies. No, our conversations were humorous and intelligent. We played card games, I laughed so hard at my own stupidity I started crying, we watched Taken and then got much-needed sleep.

It was an awesome party. I love my friends.

I apologize for the long post yet -- for once -- stuff has been going down.

Oh, which reminds me! Someone please explain to me why the two days I actually have something planned, multiple other friends can and want to make plans then and there? I mean, how does that work?


  1. That box is super dee duper cool!! And for some reason life is always handing me, and apparently you too a pile of poo when it comes to being busy and planning to do stuff with friends.

    It's quite the anomaly.

  2. Wow! That is one AWESOME present! :D

  3. I ♥ that box. I would love it if one of my friends made that for me! :D
    it sounds like you have lovely friends.

  4. The best gifts truly come from the heart. Combining the awesomeness of HP with the amazingness of peanut butter cups was a surefire win! Also I definetly face the same problem with friends and plans. After facing days and days of people not responding to my calls they then harp on me for being busy the ONE day they are around and say I'M never around.
    ps. thanks for the uber sweet comment about my art!

  5. Brilliant gift, but why if the boogieman saying Griffindor? He seems more of a "DURMSTRANG!" type of fellow...

  6. I love that girl's bathing suit...the one in the middle...in the picture with the bathing suits.

    Thanks, that's really helpful! Ugh, I know it's not cost-effective, but I'm completely hopeless without someone telling me exactly what to get. Haha, I think I'll get one of those five-subject notebooks...
    The lockers at the school I'm going to are TINY...like, four inches across...it's terrible.
    I wish they would at least POST something. You know, on the website? That could work. Sigh.