July 17, 2010

You'll never leave this island.

These past few days have been great.

Thursday I hung out with close friend, Emilia, who's beyond sweetawesome. Seriously.

Her and I encountered an interesting sign at the park we went to. Apparently Chick-fil-A thought they should advertise -- at a park -- nowhere near one of their establishments. Here's a fun fact to fool your friends with: I've never eaten at one. So tell me, is it any good?
Then yesterday Nikki came over to watch Shutter Island on DVD with me. What a depressing and yet intriguing movie. I won't say anymore so I don't spoil it. We also saw Alice in Wonderland since I had it rented. I was only mildly entertained by it and thus am grateful I did not spend an outrageous price to see it in theaters.

I still want to see Toy Story 3! I think I heard talk of my mom figuring out movie times for tonight... Edit: Never mind. Wishful thinking.


  1. Alice in Shutter Island?

    What you didn't tell us is the other half of the sign shows three pigs standing up holding the signs "Eat", "More", and "Beef"...

  2. LOL. Those cows are too cute. Yeah, Alice was kinda disappointing. And I watched it in CINEMA! Poor me =P

  3. Toy Story 3 is only out over here TOMORROW. WTAF. So yes, I'm going to see it at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. Because we're not cool enough for midnight showings.. Other than Twilight. And I mean come on.