August 07, 2010

Where did the summer go?

A big apology goes out to my mix tape contributors. I know our posting schedule for this past week was basically non-existent and for that I am sorry. Please forgive me and my frazzled state.

As I mentioned in my most recent vlog, I registered for school on Tuesday and picked up my schedule. I received all the courses I wanted, including my electives. Oh, and finally, I have a good math teacher! In the meantime, I've been obsessively checking Facebook to see what classes I have with my friends. Turns out, instead of having lunch with Puja and Aniesa (like the past two years) I think I'll be sitting with Emilia and Zack instead. It'll be a change, that's for sure.

I did not read all books that I aimed to. I blame The Scarlet Letter and The Red Badge of Courage. They slowed me down the most. Perhaps I'll feel inspired to read the 400 something pages left of Invisible Man before Monday. But I'm not holding my breath.

I think I should move on. He'll be off to college in the fall...


  1. I'm understanding the whole someone moving off to college in the fall. I went through that last year & almost completely over it. Almost. I'm still holding a grudge against a certain Catholic college in Ohio.

    As for the schedule thing, no biggie, everyone is uber busy as the summer winds down :)

  2. No worries! It's certainly quite understandable. :)

    That's awesome that you did in fact get all the classes you wanted and everything, even if it is going to be a different lunch than usual. This is the first year that I'm getting to have lunch the same time as my best friend, which should be awesome. :D

  3. Aw man, that's awesome. I haven't gotten anything for high school (:D) yet. Of course I start in a month, not like a week.

    I still need to get through those books...fuh.

    I felt like I should've written something for it this week, but I could not think of anything. I'm bad with topics =.=

    And I would love to post them! Maybe. Haha. I just never thought about it when I actually got them.

    That'd be awesome, hahaha. Hmm, I go to the mall a lot, but I don't really buy things. I hate shopping. It depresses me. Plus the last time I went I was in a...mood. Of sorts. Haha I think I'm beginning to ramble. But I SHOULD go to the mall more often, I think. Or just buy all my clothes online.

    Forgive me!!!! I couldn't really think of anything else to say. Besides, that embodied my expression :D Well...I just got a 5-subject notebook that I may or may not use. Do you think I should get binders, or like...something else? Cuz there is like no space in my lockers so I figure the less I have, the better. You know? So I could use that one notebook for notes, and one of those accordian-thingies for homework, but I don't know what for the other stuff. The thing if I get binders I would probably just put looseleaf in them, so I wouldn't have to have a lot of stuff on my desk. AGH!!!!

  4. I agree. This summer flew by. I'm starting school soon. I wish I were you though. I want to go back to school like tomorrow. I make up the 0.1% who feels this way.

    YAY for getting all the courses you wanted. Should make for a fun and enriching school year.

  5. I feel lucky, I don't have to go to school until the wednesday after labor day...

    You could just push him off a worked for Strawberry...

  6. is it normal not to get the classes you want, now? i don't remember ever having problems with that in high school. college, though, sure. they've got nothing.