August 14, 2010

It's easy if you try.

A lot has happened since I last wrote. And by a lot, I just mean more than usual. As I briefly stated on Monday, five days out of my week are now spent walking the halls, answering questions, completing homework, and dealing with my classmates and teachers. That is until Thanksgiving break or a hurricane brews in the Atlantic and decides to make landfall in Florida. (Side note: I just realized the other day that the rapper Flo Rida --probably most known for this gem of a song -- is from Florida and hence his name.)

Where do I begin? Well, I more or less fixed my keyboard! It still may be a good idea to get a different one as a temporary fix, though. I should've gone with my mom to Office Depot today for just that. Now I guess I'll share stuff about school, as boring as that may be.

Day 1: I walked into school with a spring in my step. I went inside the cafeteria -- where I usually sat with friends in the morning -- and was immediately subdued. Most of those said friends were seniors or juniors and have since either graduated or started driving and arriving to school only minutes before the first bell. Instead, I met up with people I hadn't seen over the summer and made the obligatory small-talk and schedule comparison.

Essentially every teacher went through their syllabuses and their expectations. I sat with Emilia, Zack and Kyle at lunch. We tried to make friends with what appeared to be a lonely freshmen, but he got up and walked away after mumbling something unintelligible. I guess he prefers to fly solo and I don't necessarily blame him for doing what he did given the circumstances. I mean, I would've acted that way if randomly a sophomore, a junior and two seniors tried to engage me. I also feel compelled to share that there are two catty girls that sit and do nothing at all in my art class. To be completely honest, they make me feel self-conscious. I really shouldn't let them get under my skin, especially during the first week.

Days 2 and 3 were nothing special. Day 4 during 6th period, howeer, I received my Cambridge exam scores! As a preface to those who don't take IGSCE (pre-AICE) classes, it is crucial to know that any letter grade from A to G is considered passing on the exam. An "A" means you scored the same with 5% of all others taking that exam worldwide that year. A "B" is more like 10% and so forth. Yep, well, I got an A in IGSCE English Literature and a D in IGSCE Chemistry! The latter was quite miraculously considering our teacher did not teach us to the Cambridge syllabus at all. In fact, she -- unintentionally, of course --focused on the exact things that were specifically not important for the Cambridge exam this past May/June. Anyway, I'm proud of my scores.

Day 5, Kyle and I waited in the enormous lunch line together when this random guy in front of us, a freshmen I believe, complimented me on my mustache necklace. I said thanks and then he introduced himself, offering his hand but supplying a wimpy handshake. Then his creepy friend, who was clutching his crotch for Pete's sake, introduced himself as the "answer to all woman's problems." I almost barfed in my mouth. Geez, I can't believe I even touched his hand. It was so CREEPY and GROSS.

And with that lovely image, I'm off to watch the season one finale of Hereos.

P.S. If you want to know more about my first week, feel free to just ask in a comment! :)


  1. Freshmen seem to be creepy all around this year.

    I start school the 23rd so I still have a little bit of time before I have to deal with that stuff.

    And, a lot of my friends are driving this year too so there won't be anymore morning hang out time for me either. I should really be more motivated to get my friggin license.

    As for IGSCE I have no idea what that is... but maybe that's because Texas is weird and has their own teaching system and whatnot... Congratulation on your scores though!

  2. You didn't tell us if you liked being back...

    I myself love school. I fall to bits without structure, and I love getting pushed by really cool teachers, and I love the fact that I always have some of my friends in my classes...

  3. Poor lonely freshman! I don't know if I already mentioned this before (it's so hard to recall what I've commented where these days...) it's kind of funny cause this year the freshmen go back a day earlier than everyone else. They never did that for us and we survived fine!

    I've never heard of IGSCE or AICE or anything before, buuut congrats on your exam grades! *fist pump* :D

    Ew. Creepy friend creeps me out. Bad mental image indeed.

  4. It's great the your school seems to integrate with all grades and not just (i.e.) Juniors hanging and eating lunch together.

    Great image you left me with bahahahahaa

    Awesome job on those scores! And I hope to take Art this year. If I get placed to drama again, I'm going absolutely nothing except be really mad :p