August 16, 2010


From top to bottom: my AICE European History book (for this semester), my 2011 PSAT practice book, my AICE Math book (again, for this semester) and my AICE Biology book. Oh, what did I get myself into? Everyone says junior year is the toughest and now I know why. The pressure is on.

I've been studying for a physics test I have tomorrow and you know what? I decided I needed a break and I shall spend it blogging...about school. What can I say? It's beginning to consume my life again. I can argue with myself about whether or not this is a good thing later.

My lunch got switched. I now sit with Puja, Jackie, Patricia, etc. instead of Emilia, Zack and Kyle. While I was not really happy with my original lunch arrangement, I had just gotten adjusted to it. Of course Aniesa got switched as well so I still don't see her. Oh, wait, she transferred into my math class.

Speaking of math class, I LOVE it. It goes by so quickly! I'm starting to enjoy the subject again after two years of absolute misery. No, no, I'm not kidding. Absolute misery. Just reference any post I put up on here circa 2009 and I bet you'll find a gripe about my test grades and/or the teacher. Man, it may be petty in the grand scheme of things, but life has gotten so much better now. I got a 79 on my first math test, yet no worries. You see, we're covering a new chapter every week and thus taking a test every week so I have that many more chances to improve my average.

I went to Target this past Friday to help my brother get school supplies he'll need for college and of course I found a notebook I wanted.
Garrett and I decided in Physics that he's a merpanda because those paws look suspiciously like a mermaid's fin. I will gladly take suggestions for a name of this merpanda in the comments, haha.

Keep enjoying the rest of your summers!

Fizicks awaits.


  1. That is a really cute notebook, hihi!

  2. Leopold!

    I really love that name.

    And I'm sort of dreading physics and math. Hopefully my grades will be somewhat decent.

  3. Uhhh. I'm kind of afraid for physics. Except not at the same time. The thing is that I would take honors, but there's either regular physics or AP physics, nothing else. And there's no way I'm taking AP, sooo hopefully regular physics will be super duper easy. Hopefully!

    That's pretty awesome that you actually enjoy math class :D What math are you in currently?

    Aww, the merpanda notebook is quite cute indeed. I like the name Marvin the Merpanda, mostly just cause I'm a fan of alliteration. :)

  4. This is probably the only time I'll ever swear in a comment.


    There. All better.

  5. yes, i've found that enjoyment in math is often proportional to the skills of the teacher.

  6. Woo, pressure. That's so weird that you have so many tests that early in the year. Haha, must be a high school thing. I guess I'll find out soon enough :)

    Aw man, that's lucky...I only have one person I know in my lunch. One. Fush...

    Merpanda's name is Kyle.

    AWW MAN MATH LOVERS UNITE. I love math even when the math teacher is bad, haha. Math ftw. MATH.


    Oh, and by the way, sorry for the lack of pictures on my mixtape would NOT let me put them in the right place. I'll probably try again later today. Yeah. I felt bad, so, haha.

  7. The last time I had fun with maths was in primary school, when it was still easy :). And I absolutely hate physics!

    I love that notebook!
    How sounds 'Marcus the Merpanda'?

    RE: I did a new blog, because I had problems with html and all, I could never see pictures or make the text bigger. That's why :)