September 01, 2010

My head is about to explode.

Or implode. Maybe both. Simultaneously. Yes, it's that bad.

I am only three weeks into my junior year of high school and I am drowning in work. Sure, that's what I get for taking six rigorous courses, which more or less excludes art, but still. There is absolutely no time left for much else (read: my sanity) when I factor in being co-captain of Academic Team, book club member, volunteering at my former middle school, math tutoring as part of Mu Alpha Theta club and come fall, playing tennis and leading Model Student Senate.

This next part was in a saved draft here on my blog. I dunno what possessed me to even intend to post this. As if you really care what clothes I'm too much of cheapskate to buy.

Delia's, you disappoint me. You have uber cute tops, but they're generally overpriced. What gives? If only they ran $12.00 or so a pop, I'd be buying these:

Anyway, I barely have time to write a decent entry or comment on everyone's exciting blogs/lives! I love you all dearly and perhaps I can get a firmer grip on things during the upcoming three-day weekend. I shall say, in the style of Napoleon Dynamite, "Yessss!" to that.

I'm off to go read Mockingjay and consume some Ben & Jerry's fudge brownie froyo. G'night.


  1. Wow, you're insanely busy!

    Keep up the good work I would say & try to relax from time to time :)

  2. Don't worry, I think everyone understands! At least I do, since I'm in exactly the same predicament. I have, like, maybe an hour of free time during the week. Not fun. :P

    But I agree about the Delia's thing actually, haha. They do have a ton of cute clothes, but they're just too expensive! Like, $25 for a tshirt? Really?

  3. Your schedule sounds oddly similar to mine... Ah the life of over-achievers!

    However, I seem to have gotten lucky by enrolling in Yearbook, which allows me to use the computer. A semi-blow off class.

    Good luck with trying to stay on top of things.

  4. Busy busy. At least you'll have a portfolio full of extracurricular. "Keep calm and carry on." :)

    I hate when things are overpriced.

  5. And only five days before school starts! Woo!

    Heh, sorry. I didn't even think about that one. I promise I'll try to stop, though! :D

    Nothing's wrong with them, I've just never liked wearing them. I think you're right, though, cuz the model is like 6 feet and I'm like 5'3. Heh. Woo!

    Did I ever comment on this post? I don't think I have. Then I will now. Which I am. Never mind...

    Wow, you're busy. Haha. My parents WISH I was this productive. Haha, I hope you're head doesn't ACTUALLY explode, cuz that would be bad.
    Pssht, people talk about clothes on their blogs all the time!
    Mockingjay was AMAZING.

  6. Haha, I know nothing of Spanish, so I could not say if you were right or not--OH YOU MEAN 'CORSE'. HAHA. I THOUGHT YOU MEANT 'SHOPPING BACKS'. Heh, but if there were shopping backs, they probably wouldn't buy a lot of jeans. You know, cuz they're backs.

    I like it SO MUCH MORE than actual shopping, but unfortunately my stuff isn't arriving for 5-10 business days; i.e. after school starts. Butt. I bet I'm gonna go there today and find everything I ordered...

    It's weird cuz I almost never find stuff there, but...woo.

    Hansommo--'a handsome man' in Spain. Jus' throwing Spain out there, haha.

  7. Once I start school we will be basically living the same life! at least its sort of comforting to know that someone else is going through all the same things you are.
    good luck in school, stay awesome grrrrl (:

  8. you're going to go crazy with all that work. lol, i guess you already have. agh.

    see, this is why i left for college early. there's no point in suffering like that when you don't have to, so long as you don't mind not going to an extraordinary school. i wonder if it really matters in the end.