August 02, 2010

Oh, I am never on my way.

Yesterday I went to the mall with Erin, a good friend from 8th grade.
I had not seen her in practically forever!
Needless to say, a hangout was long overdue.
We talked, ate pretzels, and just generally enjoyed each others' company.
I also bought a set of overpriced no-show socks from Journeys.
I only wish that Kai could've joined us, too.

I have one week left of summer before I start school again.


  1. I've got at least 2-3 weeks before school starts for me.

    Good luck with getting everything together!

  2. Man, that sucks...I have over a month.

    Hunk of glass: one of those rectangular glass things with the 3D picture lazer-etched inside. I have no idea what they're called.

    Their mom is just too nice :/ She never, ever wants to offend anyone.

  3. I have until the 23rd of August. I refuse to acknowledge precisely how many days that is, though. :P Why is summer so short?! The mall sounds fun though. I need to go back to school shopping, stat!

  4. I think the safest assumption would be over the rainbow...

    (the ducks)