August 03, 2010

Six more days.

Here's the vlog I promised.
It was a complete pain to edit.

I will be babysitting all day tomorrow and all day Thursday.


  1. Wow, your pandabox is so awesome!!!
    And man, you have like zillions of pens and paper, it's crazy :)

  2. Wow, I can't believe I just watched you talk about school supplies for 7 and a half minutes, hahaha :D Your glasses are quite white and nerdy and AWESOME. As is your camera pencil case and adorable panda bento box and compact and yeah.

    I like back to school shopping. I still need to go.... And I like the crinkly sound that the packaging of the pens makes for some strange reason...

  3. You've inspired me. If only I had a bloody camera...

    Panda :D

    Word Verification: jubiled. Im going to pretend it says jubileed and think it's witty.

  4. I find it highly weird that as far as pens, paper, highlighters, and notebooks we essentially have the same things. Then again, I frequent Target often so it's not so weird XD

  5. Ahhh, though I've really been lovin' summer, I do love supplies shopping, just a bit.
    ...okay, a lot. I have a bit of an obsession with notebooks and folders and the like, though, try as I may, I don't really seem to be able to keep them neat or not full of pointless doodles. Haha. :)
    Ooh, also, I just thought I would let you know, since, ya know, you were my first follower and all (yaaay and thank you), that I am deleting my blog after... Ooh, six posts, now, I believe.

    Happy school-starting! :)