August 09, 2010

This is the beginning of the end.

This was my outfit for today, the first day of school.
(dress - charlotte russe, cardigan - kohl's, black bike shorts - target, shoes - forever 21, necklace - modcloth, belt - kohl's.)

My first day as a high school junior was not extraordinary, but, being the nerd I am, I definitely did have fun.
I wish I had nickel for every time the teachers said, "you're in college, now," when that is only partially true.
I would write more if on my darn space bar wasn't being a jerk.
You see, I tried to fix it and yet I only managed to make it worse, if not ruined entirely.

Well, I hope everyone is still enjoying their summers!


  1. Really a cool belt. Like the floral too.

  2. I adore that outfit, the colours make my insides melt. :)

    And just out of interest, what age is 'high school junior' in America, as we don't have that over here in England; we just have years, like Year Seven, Year Eleven, etc...I'm fifteen and will be going into Year Eleven in September.

  3. Aw man that sucks. In a once-the-novelty-wears-off-school-is-gonna-suck-so-bad kind of way. But it's awesome that you had fun!

    I hate how every year they tell us all we're doing is preparing for the next grade/school. It's like b*tch, I'm not there now. Shut up. You know?

  4. While retaining the security of my sexuality, I do want to say that is one great belt...

    And please, all I have for classes my Senior year are AP courses. NOW I might as well be in college...

  5. I reallllly like your outfit :) Just sayin'. I can't believe it's already back to school for you! How does it feel being a junior, haha? Ha, that's kind of funny, the word verification is "junier".. close enough.

    I hope your space bar decides to cooperate soon!

  6. I can't believe everyone is going back to school already! I have a month of summer left! I wish I was in college whenever the teachers pull that line on me.
    ps. I AM actually heading over to RISD (it is actually the main reason for our detour into providence. Ah college tours, college tours)

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  8. I like your outfit!!
    Oh has school already begun for you? In Belgium, we all go back to school the first September.
    But maybe your holidays started earlier.

    xoxo Sophie