September 16, 2010


The new art teacher called my art kitschy today. I had the inkling at the time that it's an insult, and, upon looking up a definition, it is. So, thanks! For making me question my artistic ability and making me seriously consider switching out of art class. That was really cool. I kind of feel like telling you tomorrow I do not feel like making a "creative" color wheel nor putting up with your hypocrisy. I mean, since when is puzzle pieces original?

I do not feel like doing my homework.
I do not feel like anyone likes me very much.

Identity crisis, ftw!


  1. NO YOU ARE AWESOME. That teacher doesn't know what he/she's talking about; you're art is amazing! BE HAPPY HE/SHE'S A MORON.

  2. That art teacher needs to go soak their head. Whatever that means. My friend says it though, so I'll steal it for this particular instance. From what you've shown us, your art is fantastic! So, SUCK IT, stupid art teacher.

    My ceramics teacher is so nice in comparison... :/ Even when the one person's pot looked like someone had smashed it with a hammer, she still said it looked nice "in it's own way", haha...

  3. Art teachers are either strange or well, just too cool for their own good. Usually, you learn more from the strange.

    Some days are just not so good days. Just think of the good things of the day, or maybe just the good times in art.

    Hang in there.

  4. I thought this was going to be a turnaround, and kitchy would be a compliment or something...

    Just do math problems, those always make me feel better...of course I'm just a nutter...

  5. I disagree with your comment. Sure it sucks when a girl tells a guy she likes him and he doesn't feel the same way, but it sucks just as much when the roles are reversed.

  6. I wish you had my art teacher. I hate it when art educators are snobs to art.

    My art teacher is the most encouraging person I know. Maybe you're teacher is biased to certain types of art.

  7. I had totally the same thing with my art teacher last year!
    He's WRONG! Please don't let hem get to you :)

    RE: thanks so much for that EXTREMELY long & cool comment! Haha, zumba is indeed pretty big. Last year, it was bigger though. They say it's fitness combining with Latin dance or something, but I just have a blast looking at everyone (including myself) doing those moves!
    And about Brown: I did some research & I really like it! The only way I can get on an Ivy League university is going to an university here in Belgium, be the best of my year and then I might get the change to do my last year in Yale.
    Well yeah, that probably won't happen! But I'll survive here too ;)

  8. re: you think it looks like him then? i dunno. yeah i tried drawing him once before, it didn't work out AT ALL. but on this new one, i redid everything at least twice in order to really make it work. there are tons of pencil erase marks freakin everywhere. D: but yeah. i still don't think it looks like him. just someone else.