September 05, 2010

Weathervanes and clocks.


  1. *like* :)

    I want to take that first moose weather vane and put it on top of my house.

    And I added you back as a contact on Flickr. :D All of your photos are so lovely!

  2. they all are lovely :) I want one in my room hahah but which one..

    have a beautiful day x

  3. When I read that I'd thought it be a weathervane in the SHAPE of a clock, but alas, no such luck :(

    Haha, yes, I will blog ALWAYS. But it's worth it when they all look nice, which is never. Haha. I don't wear a lot of nail polish either, but this one is awesome. It's black with sparklies :)

  4. re: ah, we all feel that way sometimes, i think. perservere. :)

    i use a canon rebel xsi. it's supposed to be less awesome than the xti, but i still love it. i bought mine at costco when they had a bundle. the camera body came with two zoom lenses and a carrying case. but most of the time i use a macro lens i purchased separately for about $360. if there's one piece of advice i give you, don't go bargain lenses because quality matters.