October 08, 2010

Okay, no pretenses here.

Junior year is a living nightmare. Every morning I wake up at 7:00 am and by about 3rd period my brain is dead. Just as a taste for one of the projects I've had to complete: for our AICE Biology class, my friends and I spent almost all of last Saturday assembling the molecular structure of a protein chain out of styrofoam balls (that we hand painted) and pipe cleaners. We got an A for our effort, thank goodness, but then not as much time was left for completing work from any of the other six classes. Yes, I am severely envious of the kids I babysit. No homework on Fridays. That was the life.

As if the workload itself wasn't enough, I am now doing math tutoring, Science Bowl coaching, book club, Academic Team, Model Student Senate and possibly chess club if people choose to start it up again even though the leader, my brother, graduated. This leaves only Monday and Tuesday mornings and Friday afternoons open. Friday evenings are likely to be spent babysitting and possibly Saturday night as well. I have no time to blog as much as I'd like. This weekend I plan to relax.

Despite saying I'd attend this year's homecoming a year ago, I decided it was not worth the $25. I'd rather put that money into my Scotland trip fund or my DSLR camera fund.

This is my zentangle! Everyone in my art class did a section. (As always, you can click to enlarge.)
I'm off to go have a sweetawesome weekend, starting with going to go see The Social Network with Puja, Patricia and Joy in minutes. Oh, and did I mention tomorrow is my sweet 16?


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Gursh, you're so old :)

    Geez, and they said sophomore year was the hardest. I know how you feel, except only like 50%, cuz I don't do any of the clubs and they haven't really kicked off the projects yet. Okay, maybe more like 1/3. Haha. Yeah.

    Hahaha...my art class should do that, only my art class sucks.

    IT'S SUPER OKAY. Haha, I haven't really been commenting that much either, except you have more of an excuse. Haha. Well, s'okay then.

  2. Thing is, that molecule thing sounds like something I would do in my spare time for fun...

    I always forget that everyone but Reno is younger than me...

  3. Happy Birthday :)

    And, I too find junior year taxing. We'll get through it though!

  4. horray, happy birthday! :D

    i remember you talking about those zentangles on mix tape a while back. it's a wicked result, looks tiiight. ;P

    hope your birthday was awesome, hope you enjoyed the movie with friends, and hope you don't burst from all of that stress. you do much too much and i'm worried about you!

  5. lol, i think mix tape died. ._.

  6. play restaurant city! pleeaase! ;P