October 23, 2010

Rainbow barfing pandas.

This past week was spirit week at school, which means if I felt like spending $25 to dance badly to songs I only vaguely know and watching guys and girls practically exchange STDs while participating in a grind train, I would be at homecoming right now. Alas, I figured going to dinner at Olive Garden with friends (all of whom were to attend homecoming later this evening, but that's beside the point) would be better. I wore a pretty outfit, then came home, watched Glee and thought about doing my physics homework but failed to actually complete it. Yet. Oh man, I also have math. Good thing it's only Saturday. (Scratch that, my mom just came into my room and glared at me after I told her I have not being doing homework. Sometimes, I think lying would be so much easier.)

Okay, I think that first photo needs an explanation now. Well, Thursday of spirit week was Noah's Ark Day or twin animal day. My friend Kaitlin and I decided to go as rainbow barfing pandas. It made sense to us. My make-up came out scarier than I thought it would, but I thought our outfits were awesome and creative. As you can imagine, we got mixed comments. One girl in my Spanish class asked if I was a lesbian panda and others certainly said or at least thought "wtf?" For all that face paint I had to wash off, I think it was worth it.

I've decided with the cooler weather that I want tights, berets and nail polish in my life. If Puja was reading this she'd say I sound like a such a girl and I wonder if that's a bad thing. So what if I want to have a fashion sense and say guys are cute and other girl-esque things? Saying that reminds me that I hardly ever talk about crushes or guys on here anymore, and in retrospect the main reasons I got an AOL blog in the first place was to have somewhere to write such things. I guess times are changing or I've just succumbed to writing ambiguous posts on tumblr that really only serve to prove I have no love life. Yeah, moving on.

The first quarter at school is already over and I got two B's on my report card. I feel like I could do better, though I know colleges only care about your semester grades. Still, lowered self esteem sucks.

Anyway, I wish I had more exciting things to fill you guys in on and I wasn't such a downer! Take care, everyone.


  1. That is amazing. Hah. I think, once I, you know, reach of age, I would go to homecoming--I love dances :D Even if they're ridiculous. I just won't talk to anyone. Yeah! But nice that you found an alternative, you know?

    Haha, nothing wrong with that. Sounds like a cute [partial] outfit anyway. Kind of French.

    I HAVE NO LOVE LIFE EITHER. WE SHOULD START A CLUB. Except I don't have a tumblr. Foo.

    Hah, well, I have FOUR B's, AND a C. What now.-~- <-That was a face, by the way.

  2. Your dances are $25? That's mighty expensive! I highly doubt I'd choose that over going to Olive Garden and watching Glee. :D

    Ugh. Physics. That reminds me, I have homework in that. Whyyyy. Dislike.

    Anyways, I absolutely love your costumes. They're pretty much awesome. I find it hilarious that a girl thought you were lesbian pandas though, haha. Definitely worth it.

    Sign me up for the no love life club! Woot woot!

  3. Rainbow Barfing Panda gets a 10.

  4. Eh, it doesn't suck as much as cats or dogs dying, but it still sucks.

    Oh darn 0.0 You know, I'd love to still contribute and stuff, but I can never find any news and I don't have a huge amount of time anyway. Really sorry :(

    Heh heh. Isn't tumblr for pictures and stuff? Haha, I don't know these things.

  5. Nasty STD inducing dances seem to be a nationwide epidemic :/

    Your panda costume was amazing!

  6. you can't have so many extracurricular activities and not have your grades suffer some. not unless you're wonderwoman. you've got to make sacrifices for the things you need most, otherwise you'll just be a mess! don't bite off more than you can chew! *advice shove*