November 29, 2010

A cast of characters.

I'm not really sure how to preface this. I know for the majority of this school year I've shied away from talking about my grades and classes. Actually, scratch that. I've complained almost non-stop about the trials and tribulations of junior year. You must be getting sick of it. I suppose what I meant to say was that I've never really gone into specifics. I never talked about Academic Team practices and matches that occurred on a bi-weekly basis, nor how thanks to AICE Biology, I over analyze simple processes, like taking medicine. I think about how if I drink more water when I take aspirin, it'll absorb into my blood faster and therefore be more efficient and how pain is really all in the head so do I really need aspirin? It's quite annoying, actually.

I also have not written about my English class. I often find myself the passive observer to the madness that ensues during this class. I don't particularly mind this because sometimes eavesdropping on conversations is more fun. It certainly is easier; no pressure on my part to contribute. If you think it's rude of me to do so, you might also say it's rude for my classmates to talk with their outside voices whilst inside. Especially this one kid, (referred to below as Obnoxious Jerk) who really thinks he's the bee's knees.

This is the one class I have without any good friends. In fact, it is the first class I've shared with several people that I had only heard rumor of or seen briefly in the halls. So I guess it's a chance to get to know them better...

I sit in the middle row towards the back. To my left are Hipster One and Hipster Two, Cheerleader One and Cheerleader Two, Crazy Girl, Quiet Kid, Boyfriend of a Friend (BoaF, for short), and Mr. Thin as a Rail. In front of me in my row are Artist, Worker Bee, and The New Girl. Directly behind me is Pack Mule. (That's not meant as an insult, she seriously carries a lot of stuff like a pack mule would.) To my right are Ask-A-Lot, Swimmer, Cute Outfit Girl, Obnoxious Jerk, Video Game Enthusiast, One Dimension, Extremely Long Winded and Descriptive When She Writes, Future Actress, Football Star, Miss Priss and, last but not least, Annoyingly Talkative.

I find it rather disheartening that nearly everyone, save my row, cheats during the weekly vocabulary tests. I just don't understand why. Who doesn't know what "subtle" means by 11th grade? It also bothers me when Hipster Two will be texting the entirety of the class. She tries to hide it in her purse atop her desk, but honestly, who does she think she is fooling? I guess I find it extra aggravating because I can see it out of the corner of my eye when I'm just trying to watch something on the projector.

But I digress.

Ah, history booknotes are calling my name, regrettably.


  1. In the midst of biology last year I found myself doing the same thing, haha. Even now when I'm running I think about how my body is going into cellular respiration...

    I pretty much love all of the amazing nicknames that you gave to everyone in your class. :D I completely know where you're coming from though, cause it's the same way in my math class. I don't really know anyone well enough to contribute a conversation, but it is always interesting just listening and observing, haha.

    Someone didn't know "subtle"? Honestly...

  2. those nicknames are quite amazing. haha.

    i don't understand cheating either. i mean even if you don't know the answer, try your best, and then if you need it have someone help you study. the point of school is to learn as much as you can, and you're not doing that by copying answers.

  3. You should really write more about this. It was interesting to see all the people in your class. It'd make a good novel. So many different characters..

  4. O.O I know a lot of people like that.

    My english class has the annoyingly flamboyant guy who's afraid to step out of the closet but is still super defensive about everything.