November 30, 2010

Sweet potato.

My English class was more subdued today than it has been in the recent past. Perhaps it was the gloomy weather taking effect upon our dispositions. I was nearly lulled to sleep by the woman narrator reading aloud The Awakening. Listening to a book with an audio tape immediately transported me back to days in elementary school when my class would sit in the secluded shutter room, imagining the scenery depicted in The Cay and The Island of the Blue Dolphins.

The further along we get in The Awakening, the more I like it. Our teacher said that the author, Kate Chopin, did not waste any words; every passage is significant. And so I constantly am looking for the story beneath the surface when reading. At the beginning and end of the period respectively, The New Girl and Annoyingly Talkative gave power point presentations regarding any aspect of The Red Badge of Courage, (for instance, the famous Civil War photographer, Mathew Brady, or The Civil War in general) for extra credit. Sadly, neither presentation was interesting nor fully informative. The former tried to get to cutesy with word art to the point where it was quite illegible and the latter most likely directly copied and pasted from Wikipedia.

I plan to create my own power point this week about the author, Stephen Crane. I can't say I'm looking forward to getting up and talking in front of the class, though. I worry it'd feel like a waste of time, talking to people who probably couldn't care less. I also -- irrationally -- worry people think I'm a snob. To try to counter this, I'm starting to take a back seat to discussions and let others try to answer the questions for once.

After school I went to chess club with my Senior Boyz, which is the affectionate title I've given to the group of senior guys (Zack, Kyle and Robert) that I hang out with on almost daily basis, especially in the mornings. Zack beat me in one match, but then I redeemed myself against a newcomer to the club, James. Good times.

Yet again, history booknotes are beckoning me to work on them. But I don't wannnnnaaaaa.


  1. Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it! It's cool that wrote about this again, it's fun to read. Hope the next english class goes never know, these people might grow on you.

  2. Eh most people already think I'm a snob despite my efforts to be as nice as possible to them, but oh well.

    I get to call them judgemental in return.

    My english class is reading Huckelberry Finn right now :/