November 07, 2010

Time is fleeting.

Here are some photos I've taken and then neglected to share.

I hope everyone is well.


  1. Quite well, thank you. Those photoes, they are photacular :) My favorite is the last one. And the second one, with the watch. Haha.

    By the way, where did you get the tights you're wearing in the title-picture thingy on top of your blog? Cuz I love them. Muches. (Muchs?)

  2. I was looking at these pictures on flickr! I lalalove them. :) And I'm a huge fan of those tights and boots of yours, fo real.

  3. and we hope you are well, too. (:

  4. Sorry. I try not to use it, you know, and you've told me like three times, but sometimes, you know, everything just sucks so much it slips out. You know. Next time I'll write 'to hell with it' or something, which is practically a 1 on the cursing scale.

    Seriously I've been looking for tights like those forEVER, and I could never find them, and then I open your blog and I'm just like THOSE ARE IT. Haha. Hopefully they'll still be there, in the store, somewhere.

    I figure it'll get better once I take over the world. Or something.


    For your first photo shoot these are great : ) Wonderful job!

    I've missed your blog. I'm glad to be back and reading about your life again<3

  6. I need to follow your blog it seems because you a) wear amazing tights b)have amazing shoes c) are really interesting.

    I love these pictures!

  7. pictures are pictureful...

    I like the one with the pocketwatch.

  8. re: lol yeah silver leggings. i found them in the hosiery section. they're vera wang leggings and they're grey/silver looking cuz they have a bit of an iridescence to them. i needed some non-black/dark leggings, so. ;P

    and you better see hp! haha.

  9. The hot flame is blue and cone-shaped, and the cold flame is red/orange and...shapeless-ish. Hehhh.
    It's for QPS, which I guess stands for something, and is quite chemistry-like, I musy say.
    I hate them with a passion. We don't get lab partners, we just work in groups that we never talk to outside of the class.

  10. TENNIS LOVER NOO! Do you still talk to him at all? Haha.

    What is AICE, exactly? Is it like the college course or something?

    Haha. C'est la vie.