December 29, 2010

Adventure time.

I went on a lovely adventure with Emilia today. She had received a Pentax DSLR camera for Christmas and she turned to me for tips because apparently I'm the best photographer she knows. I'm also super duper sweetawesome*.

Thus my first, quote unquote, photography lesson to her was incorporated into this first proper hangout of ours since one day during the summer. We practiced by taking photos of the surroundings and portraits of each other. Here are some of my results.
The only downfall, if you want to call it that, was the fact the park was right near a village. That meant while standing and snapping photos on one of the docks, several characters came by. And when I say characters, I mean various homeless people. I noted they are often hard to talk to because of their eccentric-ness** though they're human, too and therefore aren't any less deserving of being talked to. One homeless man we encountered yelled "WHY YOU IN THE CORNER OVER HERE? YOU SMOKING POT?" to these two teenage guys, which made Emilia and I strain to contain our laughter. Next thing we knew, he was walking towards us, quoting Shakespeare. He then proceeded to take a swig of some unidentified alcoholic beverage whilst standing atop a bench. Emilia was quick to inform me friends had seen this fellow before and said his usual get-up is a cowboy hat complete with a cape. Like I said, eccentric***.
Emilia had us trekking back across this riverfront park in search for her lens cap she sworn she'd put in her bag, but ultimately was in her pocket. I did then -- and will continue to for the foreseeable future -- give her a hard time for it. We headed into the village to grab a bite to eat and continued chatting about our lives. We discussed her perceived persona as too-deep-for-you and mulled over the notion that you can't force friendships and one shouldn't be obligated to get to know someone better if one's not interested in doing so. We also reminisced about our respective childhoods as the kids of today swarmed the nearby playground. It's hard to believe that we're old enough to drive**** and how much more complicated our lives can become.

*I'm ego trippin'.
**Well, more so their drunkenness. And lack of proper hygiene.
***And drunk.
****Fun fact: despite being a grade younger than yours truly, Emilia will be licensed to drive before I am. I should probably get my learner's permit soon.


  1. My favorite picture is the kerchief one...I just like how the blu works with everything else...

  2. MY favorite pictures are the one with the shadow-line thingies, and the jumping one. But, you know, good job on all of them :)

    That sentence just made my day. No really. Yay for doing things! Haha. Hah. HAH. No, but really. I forgot what I was going to say, haha.
    Yes I totally just read that blog in which you did things on your blog which is not my blog. I HAD A CHARACTER NAMED EMILIA ONCE.

    Haha, no, the crimpy is a crimper. Two different things. I think it's cool, haha.


  3. It excites me that your capchas are actual words! Unfortunately for me, I get stuck with things like "scheshau" which could pass for a Cherokee word...

    Kudos on your photography skills. I'm super jealous because all of my pictures that I take look like a baby monkey riding backwards on a pig took them.

  4. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, HAPPY NEW YEAR!