December 05, 2010

Oh, and another one comes down.

I was only a measly two days into the art-a-day challenge when I gave up, which is exactly what I did with NaNoWriMo. I'm disappointed in myself.

I'm also a mixture of disappointed and frustrated with myself because I waited so long to complete my glossary for history, which may sound easy, but is actually very time consuming. We must the select the 50 terms to define and state their significance. I think I just need to suck it up.

Anyway, here are some photos from the outfit I wore on Friday; I wanted to document it.

(jeans - j.c. penney's, jacket - kohl's, blouse - forever 21, belt - forever 21, boots - woman within)

Have a good Sunday.


  1. Oh procrastination, haha. :P The thing is I have stuff that's not due until Friday done now, but I still haven't even started studying for my math test tomorrow. Blah.

    But I have to agree that those boots are pretttty darn great :D

  2. yeah, putting a forced schedule on art doesn't seem like it would work out too well. i certainly wouldn't blame you.

    excited for winter breakkk... oooo...

  3. I'm majorly crushing on those shoes.

  4. Nice outfit.

    And sounds like you have a good Christmas list, Scotland sounds like fun!

    Hope you're having a good week!

  5. "And another one bites the dust"

    I'm entirely the same! I just set myself up for failure when I'm put on a deadline.

    I'm head over heels (pun intended) for those boots, lovely!

  6. Have I commented on this entry yet? I don't think I have. Shameness.


    And that was my comment for this entry.

    HEYYYYY, subject agreement! We do that in Latin! Fun. Felines are great. That one happens to be mine :D Ironically, my word verification is "mycat". Epic.

  7. Just all together. One syllable. HOOBJ.

    Bus adventures! See, after entering the Wide World of High School, the bus was really quiet and awkward. Compared to the loud, raccous, exciting bus we had left behind it. It freaking sucked. Haha, crazy life.

    SERIOUSLY NO WAY I HAVE A TEST ON THE EXACT SAME THING. I mean, but with different questions and stuff. Wooooooah. Crazy.