January 23, 2011

Cherry blossoms and a cherry soda.

As predicted, this week was absolutely insane.

Thankfully, Monday was tolerable. The voluntary tennis practice was canceled due to thunderstorms and overall it was just a lazy day.

Tuesday, on the other hand, was spent telling 8th graders how to conduct a lab. Generally just imagine hitting you head against a wall. Repeatedly. We lit Bunsen burners and the whole shebang. Of course, some kids put their hands near --or in one case, through -- the flame. My fellow lab assistants and I had our work cut out for us. We didn't mind, though, since it meant getting to miss classes.

After school I had my first tennis practice of the season. This is the first time I've played a sport for the high school. I thought about trying out for soccer freshmen year until I realized the coach was also my vindictive career research teacher. And last year I was mildly interested in volleyball, but had somehow resolved not to try out for a sport.

Anyway, practice went pretty well. I think playing almost everyday this summer paid off because I was put in what I'll call the intermediate group. Not as good as those who have played for the team in the past, yet not as bad as those who have never hit the ball over the net. We learn if we've made Varisty on Monday. Towards the end, we started interval running and then I was coming home and within ten minutes, out the door to go judge a science fair. I would contest that it was the longest day of my life so far.

Wednesday was basically a repeat of Tuesday, minus the science fair. Instead I had homework and make-up work piled up from the past two days. I went online to check grades and was horrified at my physics average. An F was not going to fly. I turned off my laptop and stowed it away in my parent's room as self-punishment. It stayed there up until this afternoon when I had completed most of my homework.

Thursday was a fairly miserable day. I had no voice. Literally. I didn't even have a "sexy frog voice". I can't recall ever losing my ability to talk before. As my luck would have it, that evening was the beginning session of the Model Student Senate and I had to make a speech. Fortunately, my sponsor read it for me, and the lady in charge of the event tweaked other things so I didn't have to speak as much. I had a chorus of well wishes from friends and I tried to heed their advice by drinking tea.

Friday was the second session of Model Student Senate and my voice was better. Still not all there, but better. I spent most of the day writing down what I wanted to say which was a pain. I went through a lot of paper. Regardless, I had a nice conversation with a guy, Trey, and girl, Alex. I would go into more details of the actual event if I thought it really mattered. I'd like to just say that the Trevor (Majority Leader) and Colton (Majority Whip) were sweet to me and it's shame they're graduating and not going to do it next year.

There was no better end to an already awesome day than to go to Panera Bread with Puja and Patricia and do calculus while drinking frozen mango and eating soup.

Yesterday I took the SAT from eight in the morning until one and then babysat four kids from six until eleven.

Really, it's a miracle I'm not dead.


  1. Really, HOW ARE YOU ALIVE RIGHT NOW? It boggles my mind that you went through basically six days of nonstop business and stressfulness and managed to come out of it still somewhat sane.

    Oh, the maturity of eighth graders when fire is involved... sigh. I have no hand/eye coordination at all, so I would definitely be in the lowest of the lows of the tennis groups, haha. But that's awesome that it seems to be off to a good start! And oh goodness, of course you lost your voice at the worst possible time. :P Why does that always seem to happen?

    For some reason I kind of like the fact that teenagers across the country were all sort of ~connected~ through hours of standardized testing Saturday morning, haha...

  2. Dayum. I'm going to forego a long comment because I have a lovely amount of homework to finish in an hour, but...yeah. Heh.

  3. wow, you sound pretty darn busy! Take a break haha.
    good luck with tennis!

    Ah, high school. Cherish the simplicity of close friends, fun memories and easy classes while you can :)


  4. Thank God you're not dead!!! SAT's aren't fun, thankfully I don't have to take them yet. I actually just picked up a SAT book to help me study. Agh.

    That sexy frog voice thing made me laugh. Hope you have a restful day.

  5. Busy busy busy!
    I don't know how you did it?!

    Good luck with tennis! I love watching tennis, so much fun. Haha and I'm not a sports person by any means.

  6. Jeez Louise! Take a breather, drink some ginko tea, and I dunno...

    Kudos to you for doing a school sport. My family has resigned itself to just having one sports player, and he's only 2.

    Anyways, I hope your voice gets better, and stays better!

  7. Meh, that's understandable, since I kind of went off on a tangent there in a beginning. Kudos for actually attempted to read the normal part of it, after that.
    I will not, indeed, punch you in the face :D So, what, you find a new guy? Eee, exciting!

    Pssht, another year and a half about. Too bad you can't really CELEBRATE over the internet. I mean, I could bring in cookies, or brownies or something, and bring a radio, and all us blogging friends could just kind of chill out and commemorate the fact that we devote so much time to something so seemingly unimportant. Yeah, like that.

    Nope, ends on Friday. Almost there. Woo.