January 07, 2011

I believed in you so you'd believe in me.

For the remainder of my break I watched the end of House, M.D. season six, caught up on season two of Parenthood and finished Heroes season two. My family and I have since started Heroes season three. The show is so addicting, I swear! I love both shows, even if these particular seasons marked a decline in their ratings. Haters gonna hate. Throughout this past week my family and I have also completed season four of 30 Rock. Who said television was a bad thing?

My first week back at school was fairly uneventful, but lucky me had Monday off due to a teacher in-service. Mondays off always make going to school on Tuesday weird, though, because then for the rest of the week you think it's one day earlier than it really is. And when Friday comes sooner, you're insanely grateful, as if the short week was harder than a long one. It's an interesting phenomenon.

Tuesday I had very little homework, which was bound to happen when everyone was just settling into the swing of things again. They cancelled chess club after school (we play in the ROTC building, our sponsor is the Major) and only notified me as I arrived at the door after school. I knew my mom would not let me get a ride home from Kyle, so I sat a good half an hour and waited. Most shocking of all, when I did I eventually get home, I went straight to work on my homework albeit a very little amount. It felt invigorating.

Wednesday is seemingly lost in my mind. I knew I shouldn't have watched Inception again over break! Nothing notable happened, I'm sure. Thursday I started volunteering again with my middle school's Science Bowl. The questions I ask them range in topic, and it's very encouraging when they can answer the majority of the questions. We might of a prayer of getting to Nationals. Might. Yesterday I had a math test. Yeah, I aced it. Thanks for asking.

In English class, we've started reading Their Eyes Were Watching God. If you've ever picked up the book before and skimmed through it, you probably noticed the copious amount of dialect. The audio narration is sometimes amusing for it.

Speaking of audio narration, on pure free will, I wrote up a short commentary on The Awakening. I plan on narrating my commentary for a video soon 'cause I've been inspired.

I'm off to go play Sims, work on some history booknotes, and then hit the library with Puja for some hardcore SAT prep.

Catch you on the flipside.


  1. Heroes is so freaking awesome. Last two seasons were kind of boring, but Sylar is damn sexy. Jussayin' :D

    Yay for acing math tests!

    Yay for other stuff that I'm too lazy to comment on at the moment!


  2. Such a pretty ring.

    HOUSE and HEROES...what would have happen if HOUSE had been on Heroes..

    All the best with the prep and all.

  3. Your week sounds.... school-y.

    Catching up on school stuff FTW!

  4. And yeah, my email is the same as it is for mix-tape!

  5. re: yes I'd be up for a package exchange!

  6. I like your tv show watchingness, especially since they are all fabulous shows. And seriously...you should know that Inception is never the movie to watch when relaxing :p

    Hope your school week is full of no work and fun classes!

    Okay, I know that will never happen but one can dream right?

  7. I love 30 Rock! Didja you Alec Baldwin might be leaving? (Sad face.)