January 14, 2011


i think i take the ocean for granted.
i forget that while i live so close, others have never even witnessed it. i forget that not everyone has felt the salty mist on their cheeks and the scorching sand between their toes. i forget that not everyone has seen the Disney cruise ships coming in and out of port. i forget that not everyone has built a sand castle, only to have it erased from the Earth by the tides. i forget that not everyone has gone collecting sea shells along the shore. and, most of all, i forget that not everyone has felt the strong pull that attempts to swallow them under, trying to strand them

out at sea.


  1. Yeah...funny..I was just thinking about that this morning and how it's so strange to see the ocean everywhere I go. It really does make you think.

    Except the way you put it was 1000000x better than how I put it. Beautiful.

  2. I loved this. :) It's definitely good to take a step back and appreciate things that you normally wouldn't even think about once in a while. I really wish that I lived near the ocean! I mean, I've been to the beach on vacation a few times, but not nearly enough!

  3. It must be awesome living in Florida! The closest beach to me is Galveston, and it's still devastated by the nasty oil spill :(.

  4. Just what I needed..warm thought..its an iceberg here.

  5. -- YES! We should totally meet in Harry Potter World!