January 16, 2011

This is The Swamp.

My AICE Biology class took a field trip the University of Florida (UF) this past Wednesday. We were invited to do two labs that otherwise would've never be possible due to minimal funding at the high school level.

We left at the crack of dawn. The bus ride was long and most of my classmates took this opportunity to turn on their iPods and catch up on some zzz's. I just did the former, listening to this song several times and then almost this entire album. We passed some really pretty scenery that made me regret not bringing a video camera and of course drove through Orlando and got glimpses of the theme parks. As it grew lighter and we drew closer to our destination, my friends and I played inane word games.
Since I seem to have Heroes constantly on the brain, my first thought upon seeing this sculpture was "Pinehearst!" Alas, it was only part of the lobby to the Genetics and Cancer Research Complex at UF. I'd be lying if I didn't say I was somewhat disappointed.
Joy, Puja and Patricia inside The Swamp, UF's famous football stadium.
Kyle with his Bieber hair.
Reflection of campus. Sort of.
These plush microbes hung from the ceiling in the lab we were in. This one, Mono, was especially cute. There was also Anthrax, Flu, Mad Cow Disease and Aids among others.
Because who doesn't want a centrifuge with the solar system on it?
Puja and I pretending to pipette.
My view of the lab as seen through the electrophoresis gel.


This next week is going to be absolutely insane. I start tennis practice after school every day. I have Model Student Senate Thursday and Friday. I'm helping supervise labs for 8th graders visiting the school Tuesday and Wednesday. Plus, somewhere in between all this chaos, I'm studying for tests, continuing to read Their Eyes Were Watching God and doing last minute prep for the SAT that I'll take this Saturday. I realize I could sum up this entire paragraph into one word: STRESS.


  1. The field trip sounds quite fun. :D I wish we would have done something like that for biology last year, but alas, our school never has field trips... And like I commented on your Flickr, I totally have that Mono plushie thing! My friend had them all as party favors. :)

    Ah, and I'm taking the SAT on Saturday too! I dunno, I'm not really studying for it at all though... I guess I'm just planning on retaking them anyway, so I don't care that much about these, haha. ;P But gah, good luck getting through a stressful week!

  2. I was going to take the SAT but then, as per usual I procrastinated and missed the sign up day.

    I wish my school did field trips, but we don't :/ Not unless they're club sponsored.

  3. HEROES!

    You are totally my new best friend for that referene :)

    Also, I've been wanting a "West Nile Virus" plushie ever since I saw those. I had it when I was thirteen, and that would be the coolest reminder ever.

  4. STRESS, I feel you.

    Um, freaking awesome field trip? We no longer get to go on field trips as the gas is too expensive. Whatever, IDGAF.


  5. See, I would have taken one look at that DNA sculpture, posed myself next to it and started screaming "OH GOD, MY DNA IS FALLING APART AGGAHAGAGHAAAGGGHHHH"...

    I have plush mono :D

    ahhhh, Stress, now THAT'S something I get...

    To be completely honest, I have no clue which books I would save...I know I would grab one book for certain, but the rest would be, eh, I dunno...