February 10, 2011

"I thought I lost my goddamn mind
trying to be all that you want me to be."


  1. Beautiful song :)
    Thanks for the compliment! I just used colored paper as decoration and did my best to cut out a decent photocamera with my scissors ;). It's really an easy, fast & cheap way to make a notebook more attractive ;)


  2. I second what Natalie said. Hugs. *hugs*

    Unless, you know, you're just sharing a song you like and it has no bearance on your actual feeling. I imagine not, but just in case: lovely song, naturally.

    I could take up a a million more hobbies other than writing, and still not have anything to do. It's a curse, really.

  3. That is a truly beautiful song. I need to buy it ASAP. If this shows how you feel. I third the *hugs*. I would definitely listen to this song if I was sad. Either way, hope you're having a good week.