February 12, 2011

I will possess your heart.

I thought the title was fitting since it's so close to Valentine's Day Single's Awareness Day. (SAD for short.)

I apologize. I was having a small mental breakdown during my last post, but things are all right now. Thank you for the -- virtual -- hugs, Natalie, Strawberry and Em!

The aforementioned mental breakdown was induced by my SAT score. It's not terrible and yet it's not great either. This seriously pains me. Both my brothers practically aced theirs. I had studied for it and everything. Fortunately, this is why I took the test before it truly matters. And I'm not my brothers.

My two tennis matches this week we're okay. Considering I only played doubles --and lost -- and one of them didn't actually matter, perhaps I'm not the best judge. Regardless, my school won our first match Tuesday. Go us!

Sadly, we lost our away one Thursday to a really tough team. After the match, though, we went to Dunkin' Donuts to celebrate my friend Jackie's "donut" set of 6-0. Well, we at least tried to go to DD. They had closed literally eight minutes before we arrived. Plan B: walk to the grocery store and buy donuts from the bakery. Cue the free cookies, random high-fives from strangers, fits of laughter, being collectively hit on (yes, all 11 of us) by two guys and jamming to songs on the car ride home. It made up nicely for the fact that we had been traumatized on the court just an hour or two before.

As far as schoolwork goes, we recently concluded The Great Gatsby in English class with one final discussion and have since started to read Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison. Not to be confused with The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells. So far I am indifferent towards it; this may change.

I have this song stuck in my head. It's hard not to get up and dance to it.

Have a fantastic week, everyone!


  1. Yeah Valentine's Day can suck it.

    Aughhh, SATs. I was disappointed in mine too. I mean, they weren't bad, but they weren't anything to write home about. Unlike some girl that was all "oh I got 2200 no big deal lol." I know we shouldn't compare ourselves to others, but it's hard not to, isn't it? :/

    It's good to know that despite losing your tennis matches and having Dunkin Donuts close on you, late night adventures in grocery stores can still provide some happiness. :D

  2. Usually, I hate Valentine's Day because of the mass amount of commercialisation, but this year (despite being single) I'm more comfortable and content with it. Oh, do tell us how that book goes! I am in dire need of book recommendation, :) Also, I'm not too sure what SATs are.. xxx

  3. Screw V-Day and SAT's, they're only out to screw us all over! So what did you think of the great gatsby? You'll love Invisible Man (Ellison one). The opening is so beautiful and the story itself is so moving. Hope you're having a good weekend :)

  4. Glad you're feeling better! Hopefully you'll do better on the test when it actually matters :)

    Well, Valentine's Day is the perfect day for someone to declare their secret and undying love for you. So there's hope it could be a good day after all. Haha, SAD...

    Tennis. And tennis after-party. Always an enjoyable way to spen your time.

  5. I can only handle so much of The Ready Set... my sister listens to them on repeat...

    Don't sweat your SAT. I was only your first time around right?

  6. Oh, we all have our own rough days every now and day... i'm glad you are over it... take care, dear!♥


    I know, it's such an achievement.

    A Separate Peace is, in short, a terrible book. It's so hard to get through. Fleg. Never read it. Nothing is gained by reading that book.

    Haha, I'm sure people will do that as well. Give us a break; we're young procastinators, who have not yet mastered the fine art of procastination. Or something. Haha.

    Axitra. It sounds cool, but I don't know what it is.