February 06, 2011

I'm not calling you a liar.

This image has been floating around in cyberspace for a few days now so chances are it looks familiar. And why yes, that would be my state in yellow and red with balmy temperatures in the 70s. I wore sandals and shorts to school the other day so I wouldn't be too hot. That's not something I should say in February, even in Florida! Of course, this heat only makes me want it to be spring break. That and babysitting yesterday for a family that lives in an apartment/condo on the beach.

Otherwise, I've had another pretty good week.

I learned for the first tennis match I'll be playing doubles with Puja against our rival school. I hope we do well. I've been trying to instill the coach's mantra in my head, "just treat it like another practice." Oh, and I got varsity player of the week! Along with the title, I received a bag of homemade cookies. They are delicious and will most likely make me regain any weight I've lost. Awesome.

I baby$at Friday and $aturday. $$$

Art wise, I've been painting things to fill pages in my visual journal and working on my recycled art project. Perhaps I'll man up and actually use my moleskine and stop being afraid of making 'bad art.' I keep trying to be inspired and will get so far as to open the black book open, but never put pen to paper. It's a viscous cycle.

Guiltily, I've also been online window shopping.

Today I went to Books A Million to do calculus with Patricia and Marisa. (Marisa bought me a strawberry & creme frappuccino from Starbucks as payment for all the math I help her with. Yeah, I have the sweetest friends.) We got a lot of work done.

Now I'm avoiding the Superbowl, booknotes, studying for Biology, and an easy Spanish assignment. I probably should at least do that latter two and then catch some shut eye. I am awfully tired.


  1. Lucky you! No superbowl! Sadly, I had to endure it tonight. California's getting pretty hot too, but probably nothing like Florida. Sadly, I have to say I love it.

    Those are all great sites, I had to browse through them too! Hope you have a good school week :)

  2. Yes, and notice how the it's freaking THIRTY-FOUR DEGREES IN PHOENIX.
    I am not used to this cold... and that's our daytime temperatures this past week. It's been in the teens at night. This is Arizona. Did mother nature not get the message? WE should be the ones with the seventy-something degree weather.

  3. It's eerie seeing that thing and then realizing that my area of Texas has lower temperatures than some states in the northeast :/

    Congrats on being varsity player of the week!

  4. YOU GOSH DARN FLORIDIANS! Haha... send some of your warmth up here please?

    Mmmmm, cookies. :D Definitely a wonderful award for being athletic, haha!

    I do the same thing as you in a way -- I'm afraid to start writing in any 'nice'/'pretty' journals in case it's crap and I wasted the pages, you know? So I just have a ton of empty journals lying around everywhere.... sigh.

    Mmmmm again for the strawberries and cream! Who needs studying when you have that? :D

  5. Heat is gooood. It's getting colder here! Those online shops are amazing by the way. x

  6. Yeah, it is possible to get E's, especially when you have a 0.0 overall.

    That is a pretty good description of my art class.