February 28, 2011

My body is a cage.

Great song, even though this reminds me that Arcade Fire's performance at the Grammys made me grateful I am not epileptic. No, seriously, what was up with the excessive strobe lights the whole night?

I feel like I owe you readers an explanation for my extended absence. As you can imagine, I spent it drowning under piles of books and assignments, playing tennis and little else. I had no time to do "leisure activities." Simple as that. Oh, and dwelling over moments of stupidity like forgetting to bring my ID and being denied the opportunity to give blood today.

My school work is going well and I have been good about time management and blah, blah, blah. Still, I fear that with the nine weeks ending soon and teachers neglecting to input grades until the last minute that I will have B's on my report card. It's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but I tend to beat myself up for it. Also, on a purely materialistic level, it means not being rewarded a giant candy bar as part of club a school that promotes academic excellence.

Watch out for this seque...

I've also been studying for ACT. Somehow just writing and reading that sentence is inherently stressful. Turns out I'll have to take the make-up one offered by the school because of a trip now scheduled for the end of April. More on that later.

We've been continuing to read Invisible Man and discussing it for English class. Call me an overachiever, but I actually read the assigned chapters and then sparknotes (I love how this is a verb) it to make sure I understood what was going on. It's an intriguing book with many layers that I delight in pulling back and exposing.

I saw Food, Inc. in my AICE Biology class and it has widened my perspective on the whole issue of subsidized crops. After stomaching Super Size Me last year for HOPE class, I lauded (and continue to laud) my family and I for very rarely going to Mickie D's.

Tennis updates: I've played four matches that don't matter and won two of 'em. The two I won were singles matches and the two I lost were doubles. See a trend here? Yes, I play doubles with Puja so I don't despite my partner or anything like that. I think I'm just a better player when I'm on my own. I don't mind the diversity and I don't mind losing, I just prefer to be able to play my best all the time, y'know? Also, since we lost 7-0 this past week to two really good competitors, the rigor of practice has escalated. I wouldn't mind getting more toned, burning more fat and being able to hit consistently with topspin. Sorry if that was mumbo jumbo.

In the realm of art, I've been quite inspired lately. I made a turtle out of recycled materials (a picture of it to come whenever my art teacher decides to send it to me) and now am working on a piece for a patriotic art contest. I'm thinking of sculpting a homeless veteran. That'd be cool, right?

It's later. This past Saturday the middle school science bowl team that I coach had their Regional competition. Amazingly, they placed first and are advancing to Nationals! In Washington, D.C.!! I am incredibly thrilled, proud and honored to get to go along for the week. Of course, it has to be scheduled for the same date as a field trip to the Salvador Dali museum. Grr, anger.

I think that's all, folks.


  1. I feel like we're all such overachievers here in the blogosphere, haha! At least I know I can definitely relate to you. :) Getting Bs make us feel like failures and we beat ourselves for rarely having time to write for enjoyment (which a ton of other people would consider a chore in the first place) when we're already swamped with so much stuff... Insanity.

    I watched Super Size Me again the other night after I'd pigged out at Five Guys/The Cheesecake Factory to try to make myself feel better about the fact that at least I wasn't eating there every day for a month. ;P It made sense at the time, but actually just ended up making me feel sick... I totally need to watch Food, Inc. though. I feel like it will make me want to become vegetarian.

    It sounds like tennis is going well to me! Then again this is coming from someone that has no hand-eye-coordination and has no idea how to play tennis whatsoever, but yeah.

    Congrats to the science bowl team! That is really neat that you guys get to all go to Washington D.C. :D

  2. Sounds like an awesome turtle! Food Inc and Super Size me were such great films. Let's just say I'm a vegetarian now. Don't stress out too much about the ACT's either, I might just be crazy but I heard they weren't that bad (okay maybe I am crazy).

    Have a wonderful non-stressful week!

    P.S. I'm sure you'll get good grades :)

  3. I just realized your font is really small, haha. Nothing wrong with it, but I just know noticed that...weird.

    That is indeed a great song.

    Pssht, I'm sure you'll do fine. My teachers update grades in a timely fashion and I still have B's...but...I'm not sure how that would make you feel better, but still! You're a better student than I am, so you probably did fine. And even if you did get B's, that's still pretty good. It would be a shame about the candy bar, though :(


  4. My teachers are the same way about grades >:( They wait forever to put extra credit in so I never really know what my grade is until my report card comes out!

    Congrats on winning those two singles matches and being able to go to D.C.!

  5. I totally realized I never commented on your new banner. It's fantastical :D

    HAHA I CAN'T FINISH A STORY TO SAVE MY LIFE. That's kind of my problem, here. If I finished every story I had on file right now, assuming they were all at least good and got published, I would probably have enough money to pay for a good amount of college, especially if it wasn't an Ivy League school. Besides the fact that colleges would probably like it if their student was a published author before going there, especially if the books were good, haha.
    I know it's unlikely anyway, but none of that could hurt my chances. Which are low. Haha. It's cool, though.
    Liberal arts? Do they teach other things? Like English lit. and pyschology?

    OH HEY BUT YAY ON MAKING HONOR ROLL. I feel so much better than my contemporaries :D