March 25, 2011

Hello, spring break 2011!

Just when it seemed like it would never come, here it is!

So far I've spent it:
  • looking at sandals
  • chatting and planning a beach day with Emilia
  • debating between watching Becoming Jane or Starter for 10 for the millionth time (I still can't decide.)
  • reflecting on my week in preparation for writing this (Sort of.)
  • generally surfing the internet
This past week has been quite unusual. Everyone was hurrying to get stuff done and turned in before they headed off on various trips (i.e. Robotics team going to Washington, D.C.).

Monday was my oldest brother's 21st birthday. Happy birthday to him! Tuesday we played our final regular season tennis match and won 7-0! I was euphoric about winning my #4 singles match 6-0, 6-2. We went and got ice cream afterwards.
Wednesday was a relaxing day. Thursday was spent getting signatures and talking to teachers. Today book club members went to the big general gathering and then chilled in the library.

Also this week, we had to contemplate our schedules for next year. It was such a daunting task. Most of my friends selected AICE Environmental Management as their science course and Ms. Overachiever here scoffed at such a lame choice. Fine, it's an easy class; you'll pass it and blah, blah, blah. I just don't understand the point of taking it unless you want to become a botanist. Won't you be bored out of your minds?

Instead, my schedule will be insanely rigorous: AP Calculus, AICE Chemistry, AICE Physics, AICE Psychology, AICE English Literature, Spanish 4, and American Government/Economics Honors. All seven are academic classes. Yes. Everyone thinks I'm crazy. You probably do too. Tentatively, Puja and I have signed up for the same exact courses. I peer pressured her into putting down AICE Physics, 'cause that's what friends do. I opted out of taking art for various reasons.

I feel like there's more to tell yet nothing comes to mind. I guess I'll be going, then.

Take care, lovely people.


  1. SPRING BREAAAKKK! *rips off shirt* Except not really. Namely because we still don't have spring break for another month. :(

    But it sounds like yours has been off to a good start! Happy birthday to your brother with the big 2-1. That ice cream looks rather delicious indeed.

    We're doing scheduling for next year quite soon too! And yeah, somehow I've found myself signed up taking three AP classes which I really do not think I will be able to survive... so why am I doing them again? So much for senior year being a blow off!

  2. I have never seen Starter for Ten, but I LOVE Becoming Jane so, so much. Also, James McAvoy is in both of them, so does it really matter which you watch? *drools*

    And that course load is crazy! Good luck to you! I would never have survived. Not because I'm bad in school, but because I have no will power and procrastinate like no other.

    I hope you have a wonderful Spring Break! Mine was week before that past one and I had a blast.

  3. Dang, I don't have spring break for another month either. But then, you Floridians let out of school faster. Neh.
    Watch both! You have time, it's spring break! :D

    PSYCHOLOGY. WOAH. I can't wait to take that myself! TELL US HOW IT IS. (as if you won't anyway, haha.)
    Bleh, I'm glad we don't have to finalize anything yet. But then, YOU LET OUT OF SCHOOL FASTER. Super-neh.
    [I'm disregarding the fact that you also go back to school earlier.]
    I'll say the same thing to you: you can do it! Pssht, naysayers, trying to nay our say and stuff.

    I am indeed a lovely person ^.^

  4. MMMM I am hungry now :P

    Hey and don't go too crazy next yearwith your schedule!

  5. I totally feel you! I'm doing a lot of time-demanding things next year as well, but I'm definetely not going all hardcore on the sciences like you are!