March 17, 2011


I know I promised a picture of my sea turtle made from recycled materials so here it is.
I used newspaper, cardboard, and flattened bottle caps.
(And paint, obviously.)
I also entered it into a contest/auction a week or so ago.
I won second place and a lady bought it for $15;
I got half the money and the other half went to my art teacher.

I have to study for math and physics tests.
Hasta luego.


  1. TURTLE. $15 is not bad! Not bad at all! Actually, it's pretty good. :D

    I have a math test I'm supposed to be studying for right now too... yeah I guess I should probably do that now...

  2. So cute! I would have bought it for $20... I'm a competitive buyer.

    Good luck with studying... Did you know that when you study you only retain about 20 minutes worth of what you go over?

  3. Wow, I love the green parts. Jussayin'. Yay for second place, and moneys!

    Stigweal. It will help you study.

  4. Good luck on your tests!

    P.S. What a cute turtle :)