March 13, 2011

The answer to life, the universe, and everything!

Currently, I'm waiting for the audiobook of As I Lay Dying to finish converting into my iTunes library. It's the next book we're reading for English class and I'm determined to read it, understand it and actually ace the tests and quizzes on it. Frankly, Invisible Man tests screwed me into having a B for the nine weeks. Yes, I can kiss the giant candy bar goodbye. Still, I recovered my C in physics to a incredibly low A (90-point-something) but an A, nonetheless. Better yet, I beast-ed A's in aice biology and aice math, the latter of which a subject I always seem doomed to get a B in, no matter how hard I try. Truly, though, I just want to hurry up and be a senior and then graduate and not have to worry about all this nonsense. I think I already suffer from senioritis.

Tennis updates: We had our final away game of the season on the 8th. I'm seriously going to miss the crazy car rides to and from the various schools. They may just be the best part about being on the team. I also won't ever forget when we traveled to one school practically in the middle of a cow pasture, hearing vibrations and asking if it was a cell phone and being told it was a cow mooing. Yeah, that was priceless.

I played my first official Varsity singles match as #5 and won! I also played #2 doubles with Puja but lost 8-6. That's okay, we had some pretty amazing shots. Our final regular season match before districts is this upcoming Tuesday which is bittersweet.

Remember how I was all excited about going to Washington, D.C. for a few days, all expenses paid, with the middle school Science Bowl team I coach? Well, turns out I can't go because a male chaperon must instead take my place. It's hard not to be bummed about this. I guess the bright side is I won't miss the field trip to the Salvidor Dali museum after all?

I've been happily reading more for leisure.

Also, since I'm sure most -- if not all -- of my blogger friends are aware of Nerdfighteria, John Green, etc., I think you'd be pleased to know that I've introduced my friend, Doctor Who and Harry Potter loving, Regina, to it. She was sick a few days this past week and aptly spent her time watching Charlie McDonnell videos.

Well, I'm off to go solve derivatives while listening to The Social Network soundtrack.

I hope everyone has a splendid week.


  1. Ah man. As I Lay Dying is not an easy book to read... But good luck on passing all those english tests and quizzes on it!

    My english teacher does really easy book tests.

    Senioritis is a pain.

    And sorry about not being able to go to D.C.... That was pretty lame of them to replace you and such.

  2. I am definitely already suffering from a severe case of senioritis as well. I can't even imagine what I'm going to be like at this point next year, haha!

    It sounds like tennis has been going well! But urgh, that totally blows that they replaced you to go to Washington D.C. :( That's just downright rude of them. I guess it is good that you'll get to see Salvador Dali like you said though... always good to look on the bright side I suppose!

    Hurrah for introducing people to the world of Nerdfighteria. :D That is always a fun thing to do.

  3. Yay for grades. Boo for work.

    Also, good job on tennis!

    I am sad to say that, though I am aware of Nerdfightia, I still have no idea what it is. I feel like I have failed you =.=


    Those look like enjoyable books, I must say.