April 01, 2011

The milky way.

While NaNoWriMo was an absolute failure, I think I can manage blogging every day in April. Writer Maureen Johnson started this event, (acronym-ed BEDA) and I'm determined to participate like I did last year despite all the things I must deal with this month,
including taking the ACT and FCAT Science.

Tennis practice has been canceled twice due to the hurricane-like weather. Yes, as my luck would have it, spring break would turn gloomy and force me to stay indoors. Normally I would not complain seeing as I can easily spend hours on the internet, but I want to even out my tan and soak up some vitamin D.

Wednesday I went and drank hot cocoa with Emilia at the bookstore. I always have a lovely time with her.

Yesterday Nikki came over and we hung out for the first time since November. We played Just Dance 2, watched Monsters Vs. Aliens and just generally had a splendid rainy afternoon. I love my best friend to bits.

I refuse to acknowledge that my spring break ends soon. My sleeping pattern is so messed up.


  1. Haha, wow, NaNoWriMo. I finished it! But I never did anything with it aftwards...
    Either way, YOU CAN DO THIS. Haha, maybe I'll participate too :)

  2. BEDA! Yay! I probably could do BEDA if I really felt like it, but I'm too lazy. And it would be so boring to read. It would be "today I stressed out at school, ran, showered, ate dinner, did homework, went on the computer and watched tv, and then went to bed way too late" ever single day. But I am so looking forward to reading yours every day! :D

    Yeah, I think I've re-developed my talent for staying up ridiculously late but actually not even really doing anything...

  3. Hey!

    Wow, it's been ages since I last left a comment here (I'm terribly sorry).
    I don't know why, but I love posts like this, just people telling how they spend their days.
    O, and I really liked that collage cd in one of your previous poss.


  4. I dont't think I'm going to do BEDA since I'm so lazy... haha! Sorry about your spring break and the not so nice weather.