April 02, 2011

Awake my soul.

Taken by Emilia back in December.

I'm trying to justify my laziness these past few days. My first argument is that it's spring break and break, according to dictionary.com is -- holy shizwits, there are 122 definitions -- okay, as defined in this case: a brief rest, as from work. And goodness knows I've been in need of it. Sadly, a toothpick bridge won't build itself nor will math integrate itself, so this whole break thing? Yeah, it's a bust.

Tennis districts begins in two days. I'm trying not to be a nervous wreck and just remember to have fun. Interesting how now that I've become super competitive I get more emotional during practices and matches. I've already cried in front of my whole team. Twice.

I finally put something in my moleskine. Nothing fancy, though. Not yet.
I really, really, really, REALLY want to go to the beach. I have so many ideas for neat pictures to take there. It'd be better with friends, but perhaps if the weather is nice I can convince my mom to go.

Have a marvelous weekend!


  1. Love the stripes...all the best this weekend and coming week.

  2. Hey! The beach! Always a marvelous place to be. And, you know, boo for homework. Boo.

    Ah, well, I was afraid if I left it up too long too many people would fall for it and then I would feel bad, because I feel bad if people actually fall for my pranks...yeah ^.^ I'm glad I'm not leaving, too. I'm glad YOU'RE not leaving. I'm glad everyone's not leaving!

    Hyper is a good word verification. Mine is azersess.

    Also, yes, I am indeed hilarious :D

  3. Toothpick bridge, eh? That sounds like the kind of project that would drive me crazy, haha. But yeah, so much for spring "break"... My APUSH teacher already has a plan of all the crap we have to do over ours. Lame. Good luck with tennis, though! You shall be awesome! And the beach, lucky. It snowed here this morning.

  4. I did a tooth pick bridge last year! It could only hold about 16 pounds and it took me and my friends about two weeks to make it. Hopefully yours does better than mine did. I like your death cab quote in your moleskin journal by the way. Actually...a whole journal full of song lyrics wouldn't be so bad huh? Hope you have a good weekend too!

  5. I am a big advocate for moleskins! I have a tiny red one and I've almost filled it up!

    I understand getting competive/emotional. Lucky a bathroom is never too far off for me to have my 'breakdowns'.