April 25, 2011

C'mon, grab your friends.

I had a lovely time hanging with and taking photos of Zack and Emilia yesterday. The two have been dating for a little over a year now and I swear, they are just too adorable! Both play ukulele so I asked them to bring 'em and I crawled around in the grass snapping shots. I took 233 photos in total; most of which are going to be used in the stop motion video I'm going to make. I seriously can't think of better way to spend my Sunday afternoon.
(More photos -- plus stop motion -- to come in later posts, I promise.)

See you on the flip side.

P.S. Tonight in J.C. Penney's I overheard a conversation where the lady said, "I hope it's not scrubbed" and I think it's neat how I knew exactly what she was talking about -- the shuttle launch might be delayed. I think anyone not living near the Space Center, though, would have a hard time understanding that localized jargon. Are there any phrases or terms specific to your region, town, state, etc.?


  1. They sound like such an adorable couple! And adding their mutual abilities to play the ukulele makes their cuteness level increase even more, haha. :) Getting to photograph them must have been fun!

    And that's pretty neat about the space shuttle launch. I'm guessing you've witnessed some of them? How cool!

  2. Oh, and as for local language, "true" Pittsburghers speak in "Pittsburghese" which basically means you pronounce everything weirdly. Downtown = dahntahn, Steelers = Stillers, etc. But I live in the suburbs so it doesn't really apply too much here, haha.

  3. Awh, they should form an indie band together!

    And as far as jargon goes, in my area of Texas it's just a whole lot twang. So much twang I wish that I lived in a neutral accent area.