April 24, 2011

Dinosaur picture.

Like Strawberry, I have a terrible headache and I am not up to blogging about my day.

So I'll turn the tables: How'd you spend your Easter, readers?


  1. Began fasting after lunch (because we completely forgot about it until my granny brought it up and my mom and I went berserk) on Good Friday. Had onion soup for dinner.

  2. Hope you feel better!

    How was my easter? I think that I would usually type it out but considering I just wrote it all out on my blog...well...haha XD

  3. Mer, we are comrades in headache-dom :3 My Easter was boring, but I did get a stuffed bunny, so that makes it better :D

  4. I ate a lot of ravioli and pineapple upside down cake, haha. I hope you two both feel better!