April 08, 2011

Florals for spring.

Is it obvious I love these floral shorts I bought from Forever 21?

As my junior year has gone on, I've become increasingly more aware of fashion. This is not a bad thing, except for perhaps my wallet. I used to not put much effort into what I wore, but in my mind it's become important to look my best to feel my best. I still don't wear make-up mainly because it seems like such an unneeded burden. Also, and I hope I'm not the only one who thinks this, that once you wear make-up you can't go back without looking different, and well, not put together? Does that make any sense?

This past week goes in the running for one of the craziest. Monday did not feel like a Monday and then Tuesday and Wednesday for the district tennis tournament could've been the weekend. I wrote about winning my #4 singles quarterfinal match (6-0, 6-3) on Tuesday and that was certainly a high point. When I started my semifinal match at 9:30 at night, however, I wasn't too surprised to lose (1-6, 0-6). Since I lost to the girl who ended up winning 1st in the position of #4 singles, I think I am 3rd overall? It's cliche, but it doesn't really matter to me if I won or not. I didn't cry nor forfeit a match. (Our #1 singles player forfeited her quarterfinal after throwing her racket. Ordinarily it's just a one point penalty but she ran off the court.) It was all about the experience. There's always next year.

My toothpick bridge was a partial success! It held 1,000 grams which awarded me 22 points. This was only one event of several that are a part of something called fizicks phollies in physics class. For instance, I also made paper airplanes, a spool toule, a balloon racer and a container for an egg drop. Depending on your finish in each of the events, you are given a certain number of points. If the teacher takes the best four scores to make a test grade, you ideally want 25 in each event to get a 100. I managed an 89 and I am extremely proud. I put in a lot of hardwork these past few days. Still, I should've done more over spring break. It would've saved me a lot of hassle.

Have a stupendous weekend!


  1. I loooove those shorts! :D I swear, every time I go into Forever 21 I see about 2 million things I'd like to buy... sigh. I wish clothes would just be free. That'd be nice.

    Congrats on the tennis tournament! Even if you didn't win or anything, I'd say it's certainly impressive for your very first year. :) And definitely better than I could ever do! And hurrah for a successful toothpick bridge! Sounds like all that hard work paid off for the most part in the end, so that's always a good feeling!

  2. Those shorts are adorable!!!! That's cool about your projects in physics. I did something like that last year but my group and I could not figure out the balloon car or the bridge one bit and our egg died during the egg drop. I think the only thing we got right was the rocket. Will you be doing that?

    Hope you have a great weekend too!