April 12, 2011


Today was another incredibly relaxed day at school. I spent half my extended art period studying for my AICE Biology exam and the other half trying to finish my glass mosaic. Which reminds me, I submitted a photograph of my mixed media homeless man turned veteran homeless man for a patriotic art contest and won third!

What else happened today? Well, we watched a video about bullfighting in Spanish, reminisced about the 90s in Biology, and, most notably, played Scrabble in physics. 'Twas super fun; mainly because we beat our teacher and upset him, as clearly seen below.
My friend Kaitlin drew these potatoes on the board. The one on the left is Sailor Moon and the one on the right is a panda. It's an elaborate inside joke, but let's just say potatoes, (well, especially mashed), are beloved in our physics class.
Towards the end, rather than just admit defeat, our teacher came up with the word Garageinline, defining it as when you have a garage and your neighbor has a garage and they are both in line. Oh, he's so clever.


  1. Oh how I adore scrabble, and physics teachers who can't admit that they're wrong/losing.

  2. Your physics teacher sounds like a pretty cool dude, haha! I wish mine enjoyed playing Scrabble. But no... instead he enjoys torturing our class. It's his greatest pleasure. :)

  3. I quite adore your teacher. Also, the 90s? THE BEST.